Wednesday, July 2, 2014

2014.. After so many back!!!

Hi. After so long I wanted to blog again..and then I found out that I forgot the password and couldn't even remember the phone number I have used to set up the account. But hey I'm finally here again.

There are so many things have changed or let's say things have moved on since my last post..
Currently I'm in Malaysia (yeay!) and berpuasa di bulan mulia Ramadhan ini. I will be here for Raya (finally! After 11 years raya abroad) but will going back to Canada. Yes- we moved from Dublin,Ireland after 10 years there and decided we had enough with Europe so we moved to Halifax, Canada last year 2013. I'm on maternity leave now for a year after giving birth to my Amanda Nasreen, our second sweetheart.. So decided to spend a bit of time with family and friends here in Malaysia.

During my maternity leave, I manage to set up an online shop through Instagram so please feel free to browse or even better shop with me :). The username is xoxomybaby. Got a few customers that was able to recognise me from the online shop, so great spot on! Was glad they did!

Ok selamat berpuasa and will post up a few of Amanda's photos.. Yea she resembles her sister a lot ;)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Princess Castle - follow up


with overwhelming demand, I decided to ship the Princess Castle to Malaysia. Please can you drop me an email if you wish to book one with deposit rm50 , please expect some delays due to shipment may take some time.

due to shipping cost to Malaysia is quite expensive, I expect to make self pick up at my parents house in Bandar Baru Bangi, or alternatively rm20 charge for postage anywhere in Malaysia.


Saturday, June 30, 2012

Princess Castle Available! quick grab!

hola, I will be in Malaysia from 5th July to 23rd July, so I brought home from Dublin a few Princess Castles to sell. I put up Adriana's photo below on my FB not too long ago, and a few friends interested of having it. So as a favor, I bought for them and I also bought extras for who ever wants it. Its reallly reallly cute.

Just note the balls does not come in the box. I am selling this for rm90, but only a few left, so if you want it, please can you confirm via email to or sms 017 692 8505


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Nikah Dress to Rent out

anyone interested to rent baju Nikah at a very affordable price!! Designer - Syomir Izwa

email me at

I will be in Malaysia from 5th July to 23rd July, if you want to meet up for fitting! the rent price has revised to only RM400!!

please call or sms 017 692 8505 to discuss further.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Wedding Dress turned into PB

turned TO this!

Sue initially rent out my wedding dress. I've gotten a lot of responses, however when it comes to fitting the dress on the bridetobe, all of them tak dpt to get to wear it. One of the girl seems soo slim and tall, from first glance, I thought to myself, she can wear it fine, but tak dpt zip up! I was disappointed as well as them. So, I decided to sell it , one because its really hard to find the right girl to rent, and ramai yang interested to buy it to resize it. secondly, I'm so far away from home to manage it.

I got to sell it at September this year. A guy asked me about the dress through FB to arrange for his gf who works in Vietnam. I was very pleased to deal with them, everything seems so easy, the girl tried the dress and fits her beautifully. That's what the girl and my sister said. I was actually very happy that! At last..there's another girl fits the dress..

It was hard to let go, but I guess its for a good cause! because I got myself the PB! For something that instead of keeping the dress in my cupboard, I got to wear PB for everyday for an exchange!

So I started to wear PB on the 22nd September, ordered all the way from Malaysia. Arranged by a friend of mine here thru her sister. very easy to deal with too. no hassle at all. Alhamdullilah.

2Months + today, with tak regular pakai PB sgt. Issue that I ada with PB is I could not get PB to dry out overnight, at times it takes 2 days to kering mainly because weather. Now is winter, approx 5 to 10 Celsius. later expected to zero n minus degrees, snow in Dec,Jan..

However I can see positive effects, not in KGs tho.. more on skin texture I can see better skin, and my pregnancy stretch mark dah reduced sgt! My boobies dah in better shape n terletak, yes, I still breastfeed Adriana, alhamdullilah. Milk lagi banyak on the days pakai PB. My waist dah ada shape and my bulging tummy dah reduced! Hubby said he can see a lot of changes. that makes me =) happy!

PB is so comfortable and it gives you a good posture bila sit in the office.I used to have a serious problem with my spine/back, and PB does helps. I bought a few Spanx before PB ni, ranging from the the murah to mahal, I beli byk range, but they are incomparable to PB. I tak pernah rasa sakit masa pakai PB.

I really hope I can see changes in my berat in the next coming months. My pre pregnancy weight was 48kgs, but I just need 50kgs! now still 55,54kgs, so I really hope I can shed this 5 kgs. Start with makan malam yang lambat..cuz of my hectic life being a working mom! Need to change that, hopefully soon!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Adriana's 1st birthday - my Bumblebee

this was the e-invitation for Adriana's 1st bday - my lil bro created it. The venue was at Ambassor's house, which was a huge house with a garden to rent the bouncing castle for the kids to play, unfortunately weather was not with our side that day, it was raining heavily the bouncing castle filled up with water. The thing is actually bentuk horses carrousel, so cantik, but takde rezeki for the kids to play..

Sue d.i.y'ed Adriana's bday party decor myself..Bumblebee inspired bday theme. Yellow & black colours, so vibrant and happy kan? I took a day off from office to buat the banner, Semangat kan? I love to do all these stuffs. The bee boopers/headbands I buat sendiri jugak every weekend, got the headbands, the craft balls and straw fillers from the 2 euro shop. Glad I can find these stuffs to make these.
Justify Full
The goodie bags and stuffs to be transferred to the venue.

At the event
The plates, cutleries,bee tablecloth and Bee Pinatas, I ordered from the U.S. semangat kan? I nak order in the U.K but they are much more expensive n less options.
The bday Cake, Bees cupcakes and Lollies
We got face painting on the day,games:- Pinatas, Music Chair, blowing bubbles,Best Dressed Boy&Girl, Bouncing Castles

Some of her pressies from her bday, really thankful cuz we didn't buy her toys..alhamdullilah. Adriana loves them all.

Adriana first steps are 3 days before her bday! =) and I was with her at the time.

We had a great time at the birthday can't wait for her next bday =))

Happy Birthday my little sweetheart

Monday, August 1, 2011

Salam Ramadhan

Salam. its been ages Sue tak post any blog! all of laptops in the house rosak cuz Adriana buat gendang. We haven't got time to repair cuz too busy until last week baru sorted! Salam Ramadhan to all. i really missed blogging, so much to write cuz I might forget how Adriana growing up. She is going to be 10 months tomorrow, so many months dah missed.