Sunday, September 26, 2010

38 weeks!

my belly is super belly besar!
anyhow, i am happi mummy to be!

this year banyak sgt open houses. alhamdullilah for byk rezeki makanan..and i get to eat what I want. so no reason not to pantang cuz mkn so byk. last friday was my last day working. was really glad that i made it to the very last day to work. so maternity leave for 7 months paid due to go back office April 2011. if not enough, i am still entitle for extra 16 weeks more, but no pay. we'll see if we have sorted at that time who to look after baby...still cant believe. means this is the longest holiday that i will have..cuz masa SPM break or college break, I always make sure I worked in the office, or shop.

hubby suprised me with a big bouquet of flowers - as a good luck he said. I'm really into flowers so i am so pleased that get one! thank you Luv =)

today dah finalised all things to buy, got the TENS machine, tonight finalise baby bag. Tomorrow will finalise baby space..

It can be anytime now. Please pray for me and baby for the smoothest delivery... I keep my mind open - our body is designed to give birth...every each of us on this planet dilahirkan from mother's womb, every mom can do it. I can too... !!

everytime Sue tgk the photo with the big belly, i think i am going to miss being pregnant, baby kicking in the womb, talk to the belly.. baby is actually sgt senang pregnantkan dia. except for me sakit belakang and SPD, other than that baby was so nice to me. cant think any other way how easy it went for me. i hope and doa supaya Baby ni senang nak dilahirkan and dijaga, which I will do my best to take care of my lil princess..

The other day, got abit emotional.. what if...what if.. If I did not make it.. let my baby be safe, and whispered to his ears, please take a really good care of her. without realising it.. tears running down my cheeks..

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

super fairy tale Wedding - i wont even ever dreamt such a beautiful wedding

well, i know soon to be mummy dah basi to talk about wedding, but i think this is exceptional, super millionaire wedding mmg super class... enjoy the vid!!/video/video.php?v=433900958043&ref=mf

just in love in love in love with the wedding, who says money cant buy happiness! those hot hunky guys with six packs can make me smile whole day long. hahaha...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

pls suggest..nikah n wedding dress to rent..

someone did asked me if i were to rent out my baju nikah n wedding dress..i'm ok with it, but i don't know how much should i put the price to rent out. please can you suggest..? 10% or 20% from total cost of baju rule ?or ada standard price to rent out? n what are the conditions? amik deposit tak? the dry cleaning cost to include?

i love my baju nikah..its made out from chiffon n soltiss laces, i almost broke my bank buying the kain..but it turned out as lovely as i'd imagine...i wonder when can i fit that baju again..! i would sell out all my brg weddings, but this one, its for sure for keepsake..

Monday, September 13, 2010

36 weeks..

alhamdullilah.. i am considered to reach the full term pregnancy at 36 weeks. today I am not working, ganti the raya day off that I am supposed to get last Friday. Starting tomorrow I will be doing the half days for two weeks, being 24th September my last day working and yeay, go for maternity leave for 6.5 months. So I am expected to back to work in April 2011. Well, I am also entitled to 16 additional weeks on top of the 6.5month paid leave..hopefully everything settled by April, no need the extra non paid 16 weeks. but I might want to spend more time with my baby..we'll see..

Why still working in September? I looked so sarat already, ramai asked why still working? I chose too. I thought of getting an earlier maternity leave, tapi since sakit haritu and being alone in the house, Sue sgt bored so I thought why not getting half days - at least I get to meet people, interact with people and jalan! yes, hope by moving a lot, it will help my labour process nanti..

My have minimal problems with my back pain nowadays, alhamdulillah. I have proved to improved a lot. At first, I have no confidence at all to go through normal labour and was thinking about to opt c-sec. But when things are getting better and I went to a few antenatal classes conducted by the hospital itself, I think, I can do it.. to go through the whole normal labour, and keep an open mind of having epidural. Will try not to take as there is a risk of getting it, with my historical of back pain. but the anesthetic have confirmed that it is safe for me to take the epidural.

I have been attending the free antenatal classes, and hubby has not joined any due to the timing of the classes.. the thing is , if nak pergi to the paid ones, will cost us eur170 which I think its quite a lot for hubby to get his info. it is so important for birth partner to know what to expect?

lately, belly selalu hardening but I dont know whether its Braxton Hicks, cuz only the upper part of the belly hardened from time to time, and I felt nothing happening on the lower part of the abdomen. Sue never experienced sakit period before this, so its hard for me to tell...I used to get the belly mengeras, but now it is more frequent and today, rasa a mild pain. I still have 4 weeks to my expected due date..we'll see if I labour earlier than that..

today, I just started to wash all baby's lil' mittens, booties and bibs. hopefully sempat to wash all her stuff..

Both of our parents won't be around because we think its better to save money, and we will be going back to Malaysia anyway, around Dec or an aunty will be coming to help me on the 1st October, so I hope baby can lepak in the belly first, until aunty sampai, cuz it will be really hard for Sue n Najib who never had any experience of handling the baby. Aunty pandai mengurut orang bersalin, hope she could help me and i wish to ikut the pantang really strictly, as I have put on weight too much.

Hope everything goes well. Doakan Sue and Baby ya..

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

sadnya..the 7th raya di perantauan..and worst..working in the office..had pizza for lunch.. =(
i want my family, bersalam pohon maaf,sembahyang raya n new baju raya..
and rendang n my mum's delicious kuzi