Wednesday, September 30, 2009

the first 4 days at home ...

day 1 :
luckily tak jetlag - the tip is to arrive malam on your destination. sleep to follow suit the local time.

met the potential decorator - all seems easy but took hours to discuss - nikah decoration finalised.
went to LowYat to fix the corrupted external hardrive (risau sgt about this) - 50/50 possibility but maybe charge up to rm400. aih, agak kena ketuk!
malam went to one of my dearest girlfren. felt so good to see friends again especially it was the first open house for the past six years of raya. rindu open houses sgt!! but pakai baju raya zaman bila im not too sure - kena beli baju raya baru for the upcoming open houses!
day 2 :
as Jakarta is not an option for me for cari invitation card... so went to see potential card supplier. found the one i like but i think its a bit costly. need to revaluate budget whether boleh ke nak ikut rasa hati ni.. but need to see perhaps one of two more supplier- anyone got suggestion?

went to see tailor that I gave my kain to, i changed my mind as I found out the jahitan not kemas. was really stupid back then, dumped the kain to him before researching. bcuz i thought i might not come back again until nearer to the big day. so we met, but dia tak bawa kain, even before i told my intentions. well, it was bad from my side as well, malu ok minta kain balik..but looks like i have too - if not, it will break my bank or baju i dont like on my big day. who wants to risk that!..he seems tak cooperate and there is potential of not getting my kain back. oh no.. tensed sgt cuz i cant proceed with the baju without getting back the kain. im started to worry..i even cried!
so habis tu, kena lupakan pasal kain, need to proceed. so as I was in Shah Alam, went to butik saidatulnisa, to tell them I would want the assistant to make up as it will be only a simple kenduri on the 4th day of kahwin. So we amend the time, but at first the assistant said 550 then she said oh this is for 2010 so naik 650 then bcuz my place in Bangi so like naik rm800. ?????
i think that was shocking..! ive put my deposit with them already so i wasnt sure if i should burn it, and look for other makeup artist? another iss
ue for the day.

it was a tensed day - really need a facial. so i ran to get facial, luckily ada gap that I could fill in the time- that at least made my day. the org facial so nice to me so i got my first wedding gift - a jewellery box from them. ohh so nice lah the girls from clarins. so the day wasnt that bad.

day 3 :
went to Ampang to see tailor for the groom's side. the kain was one of the gift from the engagement hantaran, the MIL to be request the kain to be jahit only to this tailor. went to see him last year, wasnt a good experience but this time, he was very nice and calm, which made him looked professi
onal. Habib was around the corner so went there to check out the butang baju melayu, saw one that I really like and matches the hantaran theme, so I ordered them. happy! one solved.

after that went to see the hall site at hotel equatorial bangi, and the manager for the banquet. i quite forgotten how it looked like when I was there last year. the hall wasn't too big or too small, I think ok ok lah the size. so the potential decorator met with the hotel manager so they could work together. my first thought - i think they wo
nt work well together - hmm...

after the meeting, the potential decorator and I went to kedai kopi to discuss further for hall deco - this time - weirdly, whatever he said on day 1
was not quite right, he started to say that some few things impossible to do, some things do charge more, and it keeps adding up. he also said he cant believe why the hotel does not provide flowers - well, I hire the decorator for that reason, and now he is asking why no flowers. the discussion didnt go well, and start being awkward. we balik with discussion hanging - and i can say I am pretty dissappointed, at this stage, i think they want to only get untung.. =( ok, need to check out other decorator!!

1 am in the morning- the tailor who has my kain called - said if you want to get your kain - met me at this place. ohh so weird- pukul satu pagi??. i asked my father to tag along - he disagreed and said, our safety comes first. so the meeting was cancelled but i am pretty desperate!

day 4:
called the tailor to get my k
ain bcuz I have to see Syomir Izwa for my baju nikah and dresses. tak angkat phone no luck.

so i had to proceed without the kain to see Syomir. I like his work which I looked over the facebook, they are pretty!

Syomir is a nice guy - hope the baju turn well too! we'll see how it goes!

went to pavillion after that, makan the yoong tau foo at the food court! was sedap nya..but ohh 26rm for yoong tau foo i think a bit crazi! then i check out the eternity ring from the carat club. saw one. instantly in love with it! hehe..hope he doesnt mind!

so rushed to Low Yat - got a call from the guy saying that he was able to get all the photos back! i was so delighted to get them back! sgt happi. but mintak rm450 pulak..aduh naik lagi!..nego nego dpt la 400rm .. hmm..nego skill kena improve lagi la! but im glad its all recovered. yaho. lompat sikit!!

KL jammed giler giler i even dozed off tertido nasib baik tak langar keta depan, so tuka with my sister. kl jammed sgt is it bcuz of the gempa bumi thingy? giler..! lama dah tak main jam jam ni.
so i was late for my father's bday dinner. mama tak jadi ikut cuz i lambat sgt, so i went that dinner only with my lil sister n my father but felt really guilty for my mum. sowwiiii mama..!!!

so thats the 4 days punya stuff. NOT enough, especially with decorator and kain..blum dpt lagi! waa! time is ticking, wish kedai buka pukul 1 malam, so i could proceed with the preparation rather than spending so much time on writing this.

byk giler lagi tak settle .. im freakkiing out and nervous!

Monday, September 28, 2009

not so great..!

found it very difficult with this wedding preparation.. encountered big issue number one. i hope it can resolve soon. if not. the bank will break.

should we act nicely, or nicely wont jalan here, i need some guidance pls to deal with ppl in wedding industry.. i think ive been kena ketuk, ketuk and ketuk lagi!


Friday, September 25, 2009

balik Malaysia !

the bags are packed and im not so ready to go! i wish i can sampai terus! i hate being alone on the plane for straight 12 hours.

i cant wait to be back.. but I'm now so sad...just found out that my external hard drive have been corrupted - so all those photos for the last 6 years are gone! I'm just dumbfounded by how things are - especially I really need those photos for the wedding montages. so what now =( ...
I really hope it can be I'm counting on someone out there to fix this.. waa tolong la !!


Friday, September 18, 2009

Fireworks + bunga Api

we are nearing Hari Raya..but I'm still could not get to buy the fireworks and bunga api..! I wonder if anyone knows where to get them, or someone that I could contact? I think by next week, it's all gone when I'm back. =(

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Iftar + housewarming

Last Saturday buat a bit of makan makan for friends, also because my partner's bday and also belum buat housewarming, so we cramped it like for iftar, housewarming, and birthday.

Main menu ialah Nasi Briyani, Ayam Madu, Rendang Daging and Acar.

Desserts ditaja oleh potluck kawan kawan..

so here's my crib..simple fancy stuff..wall pun yet to be decorated. lepas wedding baru ada extra money sikit for apartment deco..

most people we invite datang, so it was all good..

after makan makan, he made the teh tarik ...! tak ada teh tarik mamak.. teh tarik buat sendiri pun jadi lah.. ehh sedap tau!

after makan, aper time lah.

macam alim clan

rock skit clan

haa pilih la, mana mana yg berkenan, roger me tau. =) xcept my fiance' lah..hehe

the girls

Pastu dorang semua pun balik..thanks for coming!

Pheww..semua sudah selesai, so time kiterorang pulak camwhoring ..hehe

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


coldplay concert, phoenix park, Monday,14th september 2009

opss..he bought me the tickets 9 months before- didn't realised its during Ramadhan

buka puasa with nasik ayam at the concert ground

joined kawan kawan lain

absolutely fantastic

paling suka when they released the butterflies .. ahh..
and they are glow in the dark. coolness aite.

aite. i enjoyed every minute of it.
thanks for the free give away CD!


fix you

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hand Bouquet - revisited

In my earlier post , I wanted to get the overflowing white phalaenopsis for the reception hand bouquet, but later realised it will be a bit invisible. Yep, Diah, pink is definitely the colour - so, the alternative to that maybe I can get the - Lipstick kissed Butterfly Orchid.. what a name!

and as suggested by my bestfriend, it should be something like this, thank you Dot, I love it, so we can mix n match with a bit of roses , the lipstick kissed + the purple phalaenopsis, with silver silk and soft pink ribbon :-
BUT, where to get it? these flowers are quite rare. hopefully dpt cari lah kan =)
usha flickrs - searched for orchids - sgt cantik all the orchids. no wonder my mum likes them since I was small, and now I can appreciate the beauty of orchids. simply gorgeous..

** updated, went window shopping - saw this in Jimmy Choo's boutique, heart throbbing..not for Jimmy Choo's, but for orchids.. ! hehe..luvly innit' !

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Luv


Happy birthday Luv. So today we went buka puasa plus celebrate his birthday.. nothing fancy, just being the two of us. It is a mexican restaurant, Cactus Jack, we have to be very choosy when deciding where to eat, as makanan yang boleh makan and halal is a bit difficult to find here. If kedai normal, we have to opt only vegetarian food or seafood. But Cactus Jack is one of our favourite. We had vegetarian nachos for starter and for main course, seafood platter and prawn fajitas.

For dessert, a slice of chocolate cake ,also the free birthday cake on the house. Hehe best! All the waiter and waitress there dtg with the cake, and nyanyi bday song, also all other customers pun sing along =).. but sang to me not him, terpaksa menyamar as bday girl. He is pemalu , anything with getting attention, even from time to time when talking about wedding, always he whispered to me- Malu la nanti nak jalan masa reception nanti ( walking thru the aisle ). wow. I cant wait to walk the aisle..hehe!

Hope he likes the dinner. well, on Saturday akan buat makan makan at this house with all of our friends. So ok lah. kot. =)

By the way, something caught my eyes today. One of Udey's client, used Phalaenopsis, my fav flower as the flower bouquet on her reception. I want exactly like it. Lets take a peak.

What you do think? If my reception dress is white, and the phalaenopsis are white too, they are a bit invisible, don't they? I think I need to change my mind. My best friend was saying to me there is pink phalaenopsis. Is there? Jum cari..!

This is my potted phalaenopsis, got it last 2 months ago from Ikea, still happily berbunga bunga..hope for more bunga to come!