Monday, September 28, 2009

not so great..!

found it very difficult with this wedding preparation.. encountered big issue number one. i hope it can resolve soon. if not. the bank will break.

should we act nicely, or nicely wont jalan here, i need some guidance pls to deal with ppl in wedding industry.. i think ive been kena ketuk, ketuk and ketuk lagi!



dialicious said...

alahai strong..biasalah obstacle tu mesti ade punye.hey tell me

sueanne sunshine said...

diah.. =( help.

Anonymous said...

I pon kene ketuk jugak..last minit plak tuh..lagi sebulan je my wedding ni..last2 i have to tukar, and cari orang lain...=(


Sha Pattinson said...

i sure diah will solve for you she the best!

sueanne sunshine said...

the first few days..memang takde skill langsung..towards the end of my trip, went shopping with my mum, just realised she had a really good bargaining skill. so we ace it very well =).. alhamdulillah.