Friday, July 24, 2009

Sher's DIY

my bestest friend, Sher is helping me out with my wedding decorations and favours. I just say it, walla tomorrow dia akan hantar photos of her DIY. it was like magic of how she can turns things real.

she did the centrepieces for meja makan tetamu for malam nikah. Sgt cantik I love it!!!! here some of the piccas.

so malam nikah will be something like this =) compliment the candles...
thank you Sher...cant wait to see u this coming September!!!

luvs xx

Thursday, July 23, 2009

time flies when you are having fun =)

woot! hectic weeks..its so difficult to get 'me-time' these days. so here I am, mengadap laptop lagi!

so lately I have been very occupied. I recently moved to my own place. dublin has been impacted from harsh big recession, hence the harga properties turun like 50%. so its the best time to buy! I hope we can make a good investment out of it when we gonna sell it back.most of the things are still in boxes, cant wait to sit and unpack properly and decorate my crib! =)
in the middle tgh pindah rumah, I had to leave whatever to fly off to Manchester.I visited a friend for the weekend..went there with my good friend lina, we had a superbly good time. mostly activity ialah makan..bcuz makanan halal and sgt cheap compared to dublin. We also went to Birmingham and Cheshireoak the outlet stores. suprisingly I did not buy anything there. I think mind dah focused - only buy something if its only relates to wedding? oh so proud saya sgt berdiscipline.
but at least I got the fairy lights that I ordered from lights4fun, i think its kinda cool. but I wonder if kat malaysia we can get at cheaper price? Ive tried to google for anyone selling the fairy lights kat malaysia - tak jumpa pun, if anyone tau - please let me know? Also, if anyone interested to buy these lights from me after my wedding (1.1.2010), let me know aite.
so we got home on Monday morning, I thought will arrive office on time, but got into office at 11am. giler lambat! Thursday malam rushing to airport lagi, this time with mr.fiance to London for the weekend to shop for hantaran.we stayed at my friends house, my ex-housemate here in Dublin 5 years ago. Really missed her, now she already a mummy with a 18 months baby boy, Adam. comell!!
We went to Bicester ( the correct way to say it Bister with a silent 'c' ). Bicester is a shopping outlets jugak, but this place offers so much more exclusive brands - including Jimmy Choo! =)
Dior, D&G, Burberry, Armani, Bvlgari, Gucci and many more.So i got lah Jimmy Choo for the nikah shoe. happy! I highly recommend this place to go to anyone lah yg dtg london.
also I got the chance to go to look look and see see the shop. mmg heartmelt lah kat kedai tu. Feel like buying everything... semua so sweet said he kinda like the birg cages, ada yang small version we can put chocs for favors. I like them too!
the trip was great. Alhamdullilah, everything went as planned, 80% of the total cost spent was for the wedding, which was great.. berbaloi lah tiket flight 5euro each way we booked (ridiciously cheap kan). We got want we want, and I got my jam idaman =). thanks luv, you are superbly the best!

My next flight was supposed to be the 24th July - today! to balik Malaysia for two weeks. but I postponed due to work related. Wish I can be home and celebrate my friend's wedding, I am sure the wedding will turn out sgt gorgeous.. all the guys yg attend the majlis will be wearing suit/tux =) Oh, so cool. Congratulations Hana! so happy for you..


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Catering - Recommendation Needed pls?

Catering mana paling sedap, please? I need recommendations - I'm looking for nikah and majlis kenduri around 1000 pax. Normally how much per head ya?

Also, my nikah will be malam, InsyaAllah - if buat buffet for nikah night - ok ke? ke better seating?

Need recommendations, please?



Friday, July 3, 2009

Air Asia..Argghh!!

BIG MISTAKES! BIG one! i hope I learnt a lesson out of this. Never to book flights in advance yg terlampau.

I actually booked Air Asia flight tickets terlalu in advance last year for all 4 ways to and fro from London to KL for year 2009. It was the first time when Air Asia announced and launched their first few flights and so I thought wow murah giler tickets compared to MAS or other airlines. like 600euros which was quite cheap for a normal flight would cost me 1000euros. so I got too excited so I booked all 4 and tersgt happy with the purchases.

But since with the pandemic and financial crisis - the flights now cost only GBP267 for return flights! can you imagine how cheap it gets! and now, feeling stupid, I could not do anything bout the tickets. paid the same price for 1 way!

I have burnt 5 flight tickets this year only-the big one was the Malaysia flight ticket burnt due to work related. i hate you audit!!. Ah please don't make any stupid mistakes lagi with the flight tickets. Poor management poor semua lah!

ok that was my mistake. but this I am a bit pissed off because I actually burnt my extra credit rm110 on Air Asia due to their error, so this is Air Asia's mistake. They charged me too much & also that girl who attended me was quite rude, so I had to made another call to talk to somebody else to get my money back. And now that money gone. They didn't remind me at all that it will get expired at the certain double whammed!

So now I have to think..whether to bring forward this open ticket to December bila I betul betul nak balik for the wedding and pay only 267euro untuk balik this Sept for Raya. or should i finish off all air asia tickets never to think about it again?!

its 4.29 am I still wide awake n can't sleep. and titiber to think about this lagi menyakitkan hati.
please sleep..esok kerja =( !!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hand Bouquet!

Can someone please help me - where can I get these hand bouquets? (and cheap!)

for nikah :- ranunculus,pink roses, pink hydrageas (anything pink! )

for reception (bride) - orchids Phaelonopsis

for reception (groom) - calla lillies

Six Months & Counting...

I've got 6 months to go..sometimes when I think about heart raced - should I be panic?
sometimes I said to myself.. relax.Everything will surely be OK. I'm contradict myself at the same time!

Preparations are at a standstill. Too stressful to think about weddings. The fact that I am here and not there make it worst! And the time difference, it does need a lot of effort to bangun early in the morning or to sleep late at night just to call vendors/suppliers. Calls are not enough, need to follow up, if not, won't happen! I think I need a wedding planner..but they are charging too much! I really need a decent one with sufficient skills and honest heart to make my day goes right.