Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hand Bouquet!

Can someone please help me - where can I get these hand bouquets? (and cheap!)

for nikah :- ranunculus,pink roses, pink hydrageas (anything pink! )

for reception (bride) - orchids Phaelonopsis

for reception (groom) - calla lillies


4weddingku.mya said...

This hand-bouquet girl is very2222 gorgeous. It might cost u more than normal since its all imported flowers. But i think it will be simply worth it to match surely ur amazing gown and beautiful bride.

Wow.. from ur blog, u really did ur homework in wedding planning. I love pink too! My engagamenet theme was pink as well. But of course, ur are so much nicer.

Keep on posting great resources for ur wedding!

Diyana Di said...

i'm searching hand bouquet for my pink E-Day also~

sueanne sunshine said...

mya: Thanks!! yup pink is a nice colour! very sweett!! =)
now I have to search where I can get those flowers at a good price.!

Diyana Di: i know that has a lot of nice handbouquets to choose from.
I got my hand bouquet for the engagement from them. they even gave me a few extra ranuculus for my hair-do. nice people, i really recommend it.
good luck.

asz said... nak suggest u my frenz la...dier sgt sy x per..u boleh tgk2 dlo blog dier..dier ader service bt hand bouqeut ni..harga pun sgt bpatutan..try la dlo yer tgk..thanks

sueanne sunshine said...

thanks asz! thats really helpful. yup your fren is very gifted. =) nanti i kontek dier ok =)

asz said...

ok thanks sbb sekurangnyer u sudi jenggah hasil kjer dier..thanks again..good luck...

pr3ttych3rry said...

go to your local florist damn early and book the flowers. give them pictures as reference and demand to have it exactly like that. return it if u r not happy. i did that. exactly that. i returned it twice. what a bridezilla i am. but hey.. i am paying.and its my day.

orkidesa said...

hmm.. i suggest u go to this website

She make nice hand bouquet...

hope that will help u..

sueanne sunshine said...

pretty cherry. wow. i wish i could do that. go and them them to do it right, kan. customer always right! yeah!

orkidsa, thanks for the info =)