Monday, December 28, 2009

Sue Cantik - please make me cantik cuz my eyes lebam =(

Friday, December 25, 2009

Our event, Our way, please!

Cherish this moment Sue.. the moment about solving issue about perenjis. My mum is so upset now. I am worried about her as she is such a relax and calm person but not this time.

Well, I am going to say it - It's our event, please note this, we will do it our way. No more comprising all of your requests. We have limits and we have dignity.

All I need and All i ask is a HAPPY wedding. HAPPY..!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


bridezilla is on the way!
past weeks have been crazy.. at my busiest time of my life - not about wedding but WORK! i spent my last few days of being single in the office.. balik 10 malam everynight. oh sgt tak ada life! ulser dah penuh one whole mouth..takut nak letak bonjela..nanti sakit.. =( . now that im done with my will be all about weddings after this. yeay!

if im lucky enough..tomorrow morning i'll be leaving on the jet plane..
hope luck is on our side.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

nervous but excited...

1 month to go....
im so lucky to have beautiful & gorgeous friends to help me with the wedding...
18 days and counting to balik malaysia yeayyy!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Wedding Present from DinaWedding =)

Yeayyy! DinaWedding will be shooting our pre-wedding videoshoot as our wedding present.
Mr.Ady is soooo soooo nice.. everyone in DinaWedding is nice.. they are highly recommended for those who are still searching for montages, live feed and videos for the BIG day..!they are very professional.

They did a superb job at my brother and my beautiful SIL's wedding, and my engagement..wish I could put up my engagement video here.

here is the link... go n check them out. simple gorgeous n sweeettt! - more of their work presented here..

The wedding is so near now.. I'm feeling the excitedness =)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

wedding cards are now ready =)

wedding cards are now ready! i have not seen it myself. asked mama to Fed Ex it over. my sweetie friend Dzue has agreed to distribute to my friends at home. luv u dzue =)

Dear bloggers. if you wish to come over to my kenduri, please email me at
The details of the kenduri is below :-

Venue : rumah ku syurga ku - Bandar Baru Bangi
Date: Sunday, 3rd January 2010
Time : Siang time

If you are free and are around Bangi/Kajang/Cheras during those time. Sila la datang..sure it will be nice to see u there =) dont forget to say hello to the bride! weeee!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

101101 - 101109 our 8th anniversary =)

Eight wonderful years together.. and counting..

8 years ago, there was this knight in shining armour asked an average girl her hand in marriage - opps, sorry, to be his girlfriend on 10th November 2001..hehe =). well, let me tell a bit of our history of how we started seeing together, the highlights of our 8 years, ups and down..

We met in college..we took the same course- accounting in YPM, Cheras. not the same class though..I always knew what I wanted to do since high school - to complete my ACCA and to become a chartered accountant. He has the same we have had the same journey~ We dated a few months, I felt comfort in him and strong chemistry..he was such a sweet guy, sangat shy, and sgt kelakar..I always find him very amusing! We have same likings which made us really easy to do anything - foods, movie, places that we when he asked me to be his girlfriend, I have to admit, that was one of my happiest day! I still remem ber how he had this piece of paper in his hands, bent down on his knees to ask me. His hands were shaking, and words stuttered - 'takut sgt'..he said, he kept referring to the paper..kelaka but comel at the same time. I knew that he was honest...wish I still have the paper! masuk montage wedding kan...hahaha

So after three years in YPM and we continued our studies doing Degree. We flew to Dublin with our batch in 2004. By summer 2005, we completed our Degree and graduated together =). We continue with ACCA and I got my first proper job as an Accountant. Working in the day and classes at night, I was too focused doing both thing at one time, our relationship was a bit slacking. I'd say it was the most difficult time for me..we fought a lot, which we never did before, everything was complicated at that time...down moments..down sgt! We decided to take time off, so we broke up..we dated other people, but we a re still in contact, exchanging stories of who we dated.. I dated a few different guys at one time, just to find the right one.I even dated this mat salleh eceehh..terpaling cute lah kat office..but just doesn't feel right.. we got back together after nearly 6 months apart, knowing there is no one out there that can replace him, not even close..and he felt the same..since then, we are more stronger as a couple...we were so much happier..

10.11.2007, on our 6th year anniversary he proposed! I was so suprised because I didn't expect it at all..not even one bit.Was a pleasant suprise..we told our parents of our intention, they were soo happy with the news..hence the majlis pertunangan in June 2008.

It has been 1 year and a half being his fiance, and I love it.. in another 1.5 months, I will be his lifetime partner.. I am glad that I will marry the guy which I truly love..I'm getting married to my true soulmate, my best friend, my strength and happiness... I could not ask for more, for me he is soo perfect to my eyes...he completes me. I thank God for all of this..

Looking forward for 1.1.2010, the day that will mark our life for the next stage..a married life.
for more wonderful things to come.. InsyaAllah..

Pictures the highlights for these 8 years =)I am in the middle of doing my wedding montage..hence of all these photos.

prior 2004 - only two photos, the rest are still pending to be scanned. all look very silly..
muda muda bercinta dulu.hehehe
my travelling partner.

2004. Milan,Venice,Rome- Italy

2005 Barcelona - Spain

2005.Northern Ireland

Graduation - 10.11.05
a very meaningful day for me =4th anniversary + 1st class honour

2006. Brussels - Belgium

2007. Amsterdam - Netherlands
boat cruising & tulip fields

2007.Madrid - Spain

ACCA last..for you Mama,Papa

11.10.07 - Proposal

Dublin Dinner'07 - Queen of the Night
2008. Prague - Czech
if you want to find crystal, this is the place to go..
beautiful place

2008 Ibiza -Spain
Beach life - topless beach opps! + watching sunset

June 2008.Engaged day sale craze!!
one of the first to enter shop.8 am line
d up in winter time...wth!

2009.Nice & Monaco - France
watching sunset in Nice, Casino Royale in James Bond, Hilltop between Nice & Monaco

2009. Valgardena to ski - Italy

collections of raya 2004-2009 : 6 years beraya di perantauan
hopefully next yr can beraya in Malaysia tercinta

valentine-suprised gifts, he bought me everything he could think of. ahh so sweet!

snow in dublin -at my apartment compound

bought our first car this year..
requested by a fotographer for urban theme fotoshoot

and etc....

last n not favourite pick

Life has no rewinds and forwards, it unfolds itself at its own pace.
Never miss a chance to live today and make a beautiful story for tomorrow.