Saturday, November 26, 2011

Wedding Dress turned into PB

turned TO this!

Sue initially rent out my wedding dress. I've gotten a lot of responses, however when it comes to fitting the dress on the bridetobe, all of them tak dpt to get to wear it. One of the girl seems soo slim and tall, from first glance, I thought to myself, she can wear it fine, but tak dpt zip up! I was disappointed as well as them. So, I decided to sell it , one because its really hard to find the right girl to rent, and ramai yang interested to buy it to resize it. secondly, I'm so far away from home to manage it.

I got to sell it at September this year. A guy asked me about the dress through FB to arrange for his gf who works in Vietnam. I was very pleased to deal with them, everything seems so easy, the girl tried the dress and fits her beautifully. That's what the girl and my sister said. I was actually very happy that! At last..there's another girl fits the dress..

It was hard to let go, but I guess its for a good cause! because I got myself the PB! For something that instead of keeping the dress in my cupboard, I got to wear PB for everyday for an exchange!

So I started to wear PB on the 22nd September, ordered all the way from Malaysia. Arranged by a friend of mine here thru her sister. very easy to deal with too. no hassle at all. Alhamdullilah.

2Months + today, with tak regular pakai PB sgt. Issue that I ada with PB is I could not get PB to dry out overnight, at times it takes 2 days to kering mainly because weather. Now is winter, approx 5 to 10 Celsius. later expected to zero n minus degrees, snow in Dec,Jan..

However I can see positive effects, not in KGs tho.. more on skin texture I can see better skin, and my pregnancy stretch mark dah reduced sgt! My boobies dah in better shape n terletak, yes, I still breastfeed Adriana, alhamdullilah. Milk lagi banyak on the days pakai PB. My waist dah ada shape and my bulging tummy dah reduced! Hubby said he can see a lot of changes. that makes me =) happy!

PB is so comfortable and it gives you a good posture bila sit in the office.I used to have a serious problem with my spine/back, and PB does helps. I bought a few Spanx before PB ni, ranging from the the murah to mahal, I beli byk range, but they are incomparable to PB. I tak pernah rasa sakit masa pakai PB.

I really hope I can see changes in my berat in the next coming months. My pre pregnancy weight was 48kgs, but I just need 50kgs! now still 55,54kgs, so I really hope I can shed this 5 kgs. Start with makan malam yang lambat..cuz of my hectic life being a working mom! Need to change that, hopefully soon!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Adriana's 1st birthday - my Bumblebee

this was the e-invitation for Adriana's 1st bday - my lil bro created it. The venue was at Ambassor's house, which was a huge house with a garden to rent the bouncing castle for the kids to play, unfortunately weather was not with our side that day, it was raining heavily the bouncing castle filled up with water. The thing is actually bentuk horses carrousel, so cantik, but takde rezeki for the kids to play..

Sue d.i.y'ed Adriana's bday party decor myself..Bumblebee inspired bday theme. Yellow & black colours, so vibrant and happy kan? I took a day off from office to buat the banner, Semangat kan? I love to do all these stuffs. The bee boopers/headbands I buat sendiri jugak every weekend, got the headbands, the craft balls and straw fillers from the 2 euro shop. Glad I can find these stuffs to make these.
Justify Full
The goodie bags and stuffs to be transferred to the venue.

At the event
The plates, cutleries,bee tablecloth and Bee Pinatas, I ordered from the U.S. semangat kan? I nak order in the U.K but they are much more expensive n less options.
The bday Cake, Bees cupcakes and Lollies
We got face painting on the day,games:- Pinatas, Music Chair, blowing bubbles,Best Dressed Boy&Girl, Bouncing Castles

Some of her pressies from her bday, really thankful cuz we didn't buy her toys..alhamdullilah. Adriana loves them all.

Adriana first steps are 3 days before her bday! =) and I was with her at the time.

We had a great time at the birthday can't wait for her next bday =))

Happy Birthday my little sweetheart

Monday, August 1, 2011

Salam Ramadhan

Salam. its been ages Sue tak post any blog! all of laptops in the house rosak cuz Adriana buat gendang. We haven't got time to repair cuz too busy until last week baru sorted! Salam Ramadhan to all. i really missed blogging, so much to write cuz I might forget how Adriana growing up. She is going to be 10 months tomorrow, so many months dah missed.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Adriana is 7 months today!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Adriana's milestone 6+ months

today, while cooking for dinner, saw Adriana started crawling! last last tgk dia dah nak masuk kitchen. means we have to find the safegate to tutup our kitchen!

Adriana started rolling at 4+ months, menyusur at 5 months. She started to do minipushups and shuffled her bottom at 5+. And today, at 6+ months, she crawled. Her 2 first tooth (bawah) dah very clear, suka gigit Mama dia masa bf. If terjerit at night, mmg Adriana lah. She likes to eat sendiri, but ending mmg messy lah.

We started to feed her at 5+ months. Adriana was showing the sign to eat like early 4 months but I delayed it as long as I cound, even after all the granmas dah sound sound, siap ckp' tak baik tarik rezeki dia Tuhan dah bagi' sbb tak kasi kasi mkn lagi. She loves to see ppl eating, if letak kat meja makan she surely try to reach anything that she can get her hands on. but Baby will always show all of those signs. The reason I delayed it because the later the baby makan, macam lagi pandai lah. Hehe, its just that the later you feed them, the longer they depends on milk.

I am still bf Adriana which Sue sgt syukur I still am. I started working balik after 7 months maternity leave last week and boy, I was lucky. Last week kerja only for 3 days, as it was Easter weekend and this week, 4 days working day only, Monday was Bank Holiday. Same with next week. So basically I am gradually starting to get to work, and slowly adapting Adriana with the routine. Lunch time, Sue balik rumah to BF her. My work to home takes me 7 mins on the tram.

My friend yang babysit Adriana while Im working. She actually dah jaga 2 babies of her sister here in Dublin, now babies dah jadi two big boys! So dia mmg hustler la jaga baby ni. I yang tanya dia baby stuff, and she is only 23! Like today Adriana is not feeling well, she took care of Adriana n now malam sgt active!

Adriana first giggle was the next day after arrived Malaysia, she was 3 months. seriously masa giggle paling best, tgk her face n cute giggles. best!

here are her latest photos

Friday, April 15, 2011

sakit belakang?

Sue have had this problem longg ago, few years back but I did not take any action till after my wedding, sakit teramat which Sue kena naik wheelchair. when people said ' STRESS is not good for your health' I don't know what that means..I thought stress jadi naik berat badan ke, kurus sgt ke, tak boleh tido ker..but in my case my STRESS leads to sakit belakang.

I started working when I was 22, soon after I got my degree. so while working, I did part time ACCA which I found that myself juggling with time masa tu. I still remember how stressed I was, rambut pun gugur! After I got my ACCA back in 2007, nothing else to do, so I put my 110% on work. I work late n on weekends, even public holidays which quite rare lah omputih kat nak buat all of that. I admit that i exert myself too much, sampai nak pergi toilet pun, I tak sempat nak layan n not drinking water while working!

All of that leads to my sakit belakang but I didn't notice until its too late.

So what is my point saying all this? well, take care of yourself, do not get stress unnecessarily, no need pun nak stress..try take a brisk walk during lunch time, every 2 or 3 hours sitting kat work, try jenjalan amik air ke kan? cuz once dah sakit, dah susah n costly!

also i would like to share, while I was in malaysia last few months, my Mak Long had suggested me to see SIFU. yes, chinese man who can 'cure' n solve my sakit belakang. at first, Sue mmg not interested to go n see him, but after second thought, why not try to see how the SIFU works.

this SIFU lives in Sri Petaling, just behind Endah Parade ( near Bukit Jalil - passing KESAS highway). his rate will vary, but in my case, he said rm500. but dont be terkejut that rm500 worth only 5 minutes of his time. yes, crazi. When i told this to my hubby, first thing he said - confirm u dah kena tipu. boleh tak?

first he will tell you , cilita cilita lah how things will work. also, photos of past customers. semua gambar belakang, before n after. yes, mcam makeup artist nak tunjuk terer - before n after effect.

since Sue dah kat situ, and I think as if I have other option. I want this sakit belakang to go away, I can't do follow ups sbb staying in dublin kan, so I went ahead. He uses the 'kungfu' techniques. 5 mins je my body dikungfu, and all done. seriously, I felt different straightaway. As long I could remember I can never bend down to touch my toes, but I can now!

i dont know if I want to recommend to ppl about this, but this really works. Alhamdullilah syukur I don't have sakit belakang since then. and about the before n after photos, yes I have those with me, and I can see my tulang belakang is now aligned! yeay!

ada this case, budak skolah kan bawak beg berat, so this kid had his tulang belakang senget.kesian kan. the parents brought him to see doctors, semua suggest operations. but this SIFU said he can help, with rm1500 la this SIFU rates will vary of how serious your sakit is..

let me know if you want his number, please make sure you make appointment with him if you intended to go n see him!

SIFU 03 90580714, 0136683733

Sunday, April 10, 2011

2011 so good =) alhamdullilah

its already April, we are 1/4 through the year! time really flew by kan?...!

I really wanted to blog while I was in Malaysia, but since I do not have my own i reason by that not to blog =p, but when arrived back here in Dublin, I wanted to, but I couldn't find the dear time to blog..and I'm doing this quickly before my lil' boss (baby Adriana) wakes up..

I would really like to summarise my beautiful 2.5 months in Malaysia, I really glad that I did spent my time with my family and friends..

January 2011

1.1.2011 : arrived Malaysia, travelled alone with Baby Adriana (3months), she was an Angel..didn't cry a bit, she slept mostly the whole 20 hours trip. I was very lucky kan..? my 1st wedding anniversary we were apart, but was really happy to get Tiffany bracelet for the gift! thank you luv.

this month I got to see most of my friends, some came over to my parents house in Bangi, or I went to see them in Empire. very happy to see them all!

cute kan this pix

Sher's boy - Abdul Muhaimin with Adriana

Dina's lil girl super cute kan - Sophia Nadine (Adriana's future BFF)

Diah's Baby Shower @ Fullhouse, Yap Kwan Seng,KL

Zetty's baby shower @ Madam Kwan,Empire, Subang Jaya

Hana & Izany 's grand wedding @ Mandarin Oriental. The wedding was 100% Jovian Mandagie's.from the invitation card, pelamin, baju to the gifts. even the guests meja makan were decorated with cute tutus! I really enjoyed the foods, 9 course meal were super delicious. We were served until 11 pm..byk betul makanan.. the dress was super gorgeous. the invited artist that night was urgh i forgot this indonesian singer - who sings 'pencinta wanita' duhh. exclusively flew for her from indonesia for her wedding!

2nd wedding I went was @ Saujana Impian, Kajang. was my in laws neighbour's wedding. the wedding planner was Pak Abu. but if this is my pelamin which worth rm50k, seriously, i'd cry all the way during my wedding..

February 2011

Adriana's photoshoot @ picture company, the Gardens

3rd wedding of the year, Illi & Hatta @ Duchess Place, Ampang. Bride's full attire by Syomir Izwa. the green baju wore by Bahiyah (Diah's bFF) is made by indonesian designer, the baju got everyone's eyes on her. oh, and because she is super pretty too..invited artist that night was Binda.

Lunch with Diah n Bahiyah @ Le'vain Boulangerie, French bakery, KL. look how happy Adriana is with Diah..

Family weekend - a night stay in Farenheit 88 (Berjaya Club), next to Pavilion.

Visiting Diah n baby Nayli @ Prince Court Hospital

Mama's bday - Family Trip in PortDickson for the weekend

Adriana's first swim

De'Gem Ruby Pink Sapphire ring, celebration ring remembering Adriana from Hubby

overnight @ Dot's crib in Shah Alam

March 2011

visiting Syomir Izwa @ Solaris Dutamas

Went to Bandung,Indon with my parents. Yes, I brought the lil baby with me. We stayed there for 6 days. My expectation was quite high kot cuz when I read reviews, ramai said Bandung is a shopping heaven, but for me, I find it difficult to find nice things and the stuff too crowded,all over the place. I didn't quite enjoy it =(. I shop too little. But I managed to spend one whole day in a Spa. - Roger's Spa in Jalan Riau. highly recommended! top to toe pampering!

Adriana's Aqiqah

Date - 20th March, 2011 Bangi my parents home
Baby Buai Deco - Jiha BabypimPom
Gifts - the chinesse box from Ole Ole Manis, decorated by myself + MIL

back to Dublin..26/3/2011