Friday, April 15, 2011

sakit belakang?

Sue have had this problem longg ago, few years back but I did not take any action till after my wedding, sakit teramat which Sue kena naik wheelchair. when people said ' STRESS is not good for your health' I don't know what that means..I thought stress jadi naik berat badan ke, kurus sgt ke, tak boleh tido ker..but in my case my STRESS leads to sakit belakang.

I started working when I was 22, soon after I got my degree. so while working, I did part time ACCA which I found that myself juggling with time masa tu. I still remember how stressed I was, rambut pun gugur! After I got my ACCA back in 2007, nothing else to do, so I put my 110% on work. I work late n on weekends, even public holidays which quite rare lah omputih kat nak buat all of that. I admit that i exert myself too much, sampai nak pergi toilet pun, I tak sempat nak layan n not drinking water while working!

All of that leads to my sakit belakang but I didn't notice until its too late.

So what is my point saying all this? well, take care of yourself, do not get stress unnecessarily, no need pun nak stress..try take a brisk walk during lunch time, every 2 or 3 hours sitting kat work, try jenjalan amik air ke kan? cuz once dah sakit, dah susah n costly!

also i would like to share, while I was in malaysia last few months, my Mak Long had suggested me to see SIFU. yes, chinese man who can 'cure' n solve my sakit belakang. at first, Sue mmg not interested to go n see him, but after second thought, why not try to see how the SIFU works.

this SIFU lives in Sri Petaling, just behind Endah Parade ( near Bukit Jalil - passing KESAS highway). his rate will vary, but in my case, he said rm500. but dont be terkejut that rm500 worth only 5 minutes of his time. yes, crazi. When i told this to my hubby, first thing he said - confirm u dah kena tipu. boleh tak?

first he will tell you , cilita cilita lah how things will work. also, photos of past customers. semua gambar belakang, before n after. yes, mcam makeup artist nak tunjuk terer - before n after effect.

since Sue dah kat situ, and I think as if I have other option. I want this sakit belakang to go away, I can't do follow ups sbb staying in dublin kan, so I went ahead. He uses the 'kungfu' techniques. 5 mins je my body dikungfu, and all done. seriously, I felt different straightaway. As long I could remember I can never bend down to touch my toes, but I can now!

i dont know if I want to recommend to ppl about this, but this really works. Alhamdullilah syukur I don't have sakit belakang since then. and about the before n after photos, yes I have those with me, and I can see my tulang belakang is now aligned! yeay!

ada this case, budak skolah kan bawak beg berat, so this kid had his tulang belakang senget.kesian kan. the parents brought him to see doctors, semua suggest operations. but this SIFU said he can help, with rm1500 la this SIFU rates will vary of how serious your sakit is..

let me know if you want his number, please make sure you make appointment with him if you intended to go n see him!

SIFU 03 90580714, 0136683733


Mrs Nageb said...

Sue,kalau sakit pinggang can?..Mcm best jer SIFU ni :)

AmyMizzunderstood said...

ohh amy pun ada sakit belakang ni..rasanya masa pregnant dulu..but till today kdg2 rasa sakit sangat!OMG!bencikk..tapi sebab stress ke?hehe tah..kdg2 nak tunduk pun tak boleh..haishh..

ayunimoxes said...

thanks for the info sue.i also had the same problem as you the sifu's contact number?

chilloutchiller said...

hi sue, i've found ur blog and read pasal kisah sakit belakang interesting la..if u dont mind blh x i dapatkan contact no sifu tu? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue. I've been looking for my back pain cure since 9 months ago after having bad muscle spasm on my spine that resulting me to rush to hospital due to shortness of breath as the spasm completely block my blood flow to heart and brain. Ever since, i regularly have this spasm even when moving around. I've tried chiropractor, physiotherapy, massage, acupuncture but to no
Success. My recent MRI shows that i have mild scoliosis. So, i thought of trying this Sifu. However i'm skeptical if the result is short term. From your experiance, do you get back pain again now? Or he completely cured you

Wati said...

hi sue

lepas baca ur blog i terus ajak my hubby pegi sbb dia asik ckp sakit belakang smpai nak duduk, bangun, jalan semua nya susah. bila jumpa SIFU & ambik pics, mmg ada lari tulang belakang tu dkt 3 tempat. so, dia kungfu la about 5 min mcm tu. but, in my hubs case SIFU charges rm2500. mmg rasa mahal la kan.

tp, alhamdullilah... mmg berkesan. tulang pun dah lurus... sakit pun hilang.. mmg berbaloi.

tq sue for sharing.