Thursday, December 2, 2010

Adriana ♥ is 2 months today

Within these beautiful 2 months being with my lil baby, Adriana :-

Week 1
The nurse came over to our crib to weight Adriana, her weight dropped to 3.45kg, which this is normal for babies, normal weight drop in the first week is about 10% approx. We bought the room heater, since it was Autumn and it got colder each day, so we put her a few layers of clothes and switches on the heater, but the nurse said, if you don't find it chilly, don't switch on the heater and the baby doesn't need extra clothes on..oh ye ke? photos below to show how tebal we put her on..sian dia..

Week 2:
Adriana does not like to be swaddled, so we put her on her tummy while she sleeps. I am aware that this is very dangerous, and its a big no-no sebab the SIDS, one of the things we should not do to avoid the cot death, tapi she sleeps so much better and comfortably, so we monitor her every minute. By the end of the week, she can put up her head and turn her head kanan kiri even while shes asleep, and we are not worried anymore if Adriana lemas, nauzubillah jauhkanlah, and we still continually checking her frequently.

We also put her to sleep with us, or also known as co-sleeping. We know that it was too soon for her to co-sleep with us, but her Mama does not want to disturb her Papa's sleep so that he can work properly the next day. And her Mama was also not well and fully recovered (pantang the 2nd week) to get up everytime at night to get her from the cot. Also Adriana is a big baby and the bed is a superking size, on that reasons, Sue confidently put her to sleep with us.

There are also a few other things that we decided to do it our way. I got this from my best friend's blog, which I think is the best advise :-

"The only opinion that matters is yours," says Alvin Rosenfeld, M.D., a child psychiatrist and author of Hyper-Parenting. "If you follow everyone else's advice, you give up the most creative role in your life." Friends and relatives can offer useful parent-tested information. But remember: Intuition is the best guide. As Dr. Spock once wrote, "You know more than you think you do."

Adriana's weight got back to her birth weight - 3.54kg. Photo below to show how BULAT she was in her 2nd week. and gelap too...

Week 3:
She developed rashes on her face. tiny red spots, or known as Milia. We put Calamine Lotion on her face.Her face got quite dry after using it, which I do not recommend to use Calamine lotion on baby..

Sue sakit belakang so I refuse to ajar Adriana what I normally do is, after feeding, burp her and put her straight on her mat, or cot..
But biasa lah orang tua tak boleh nak dgr baby crying, MakLong sure terus angkat and dukung Adriana, dodoi kan dia..haiihh princess betul. Mama cannot do like that ok Adriana..

this is Ninja kecik Mama

Week 4: (1 month old)
Finally BCG jab, which was supposed to get after birth, but it was weekend at the time and the hospital had arranged an appointment for it on her 2nd week, but her Mama totally forgotten about it and the next appointment was in her 4th week. Sorry darling, Mama seems to be so forgetful these days, banyak urat putus agaknya..

Her rashes worsen, and the nurse advised to get a moisturiser for her. We bought Aqueous and works perfectly fine on her. Spots eventually gone..

Week 5:
This week she wanted to be hold je. So even tido she wanted letak atas badan. Maybe because weather started to enter winter season and colder, she needs the heat. Sue memang tak ajar her dukung, but at night, her Papa likes to dukung her..So I explained to her that I can't do like Papa did..she looked at me as if she understand..

Adriana started to smile this week. I was really tired one day and sleepy, but skali Adriana gave her biggest smile, terus hilang penat and I was ready to play with her again. There was also one time, I said, 'baby, I love you'..and she gave me her purest, biggest grin, and I was totally melt. It was magic. It least it did for me...

I once read, not sure kat mana, babycentre kot. The child psychiatrist said baby will start to give you their purest smile, their way to say thank you for all the hardest first few weeks of minding them. And to tell that they feel safe and settled with you. Sweet kan? =)

End of week 5, her skin behind the ears and the neck became reddish and weepy.

Week 6:
Doctor's 6th week checkup, her weight is 4.63kg. Doctor has confirmed that she has eczema, a mild one though. I really hope this will be temporary...anyway, doctor ckp mmg baby in Dublin overall mmg senang got this eczema especially in winter.

One thing je doctor said very rare, Adriana has no rash on her bottom. Mostly baby over here, mesti ada bottom rash. Alhamdullilah till today still no rash. I really don't want her to get them, sebab it will be very hard to heal. One tip - please use baby cotton balls when doing the nappy change, because moms nowadays tend to use the baby wipes. Baby wipes best to use after the baby is 6months +. That was what midwife said to me.

However, her rash behind ears and her neck became more weepy and even smelly. Doctor prescribed cream, Alhamdulillah it heals immediately the next day.

Week 7:
Adriana selsema and batuk. Baby won't develop sakit sendiri unless ada someone carries the virus. Unfortunately ada visitor yang selsema which we tak perasan awal awal..and main with dah terjangkit. Poor little baby, she could not breathe properly..tersekat sekat, and she tak pandai lagi to breathe through her mouth. Even tido she wanted to be hugged so that she could sleep straight so she can breathe easily..

We got her saline nose drop, which masukkan a drop into her nostril, and use the suction bulb to clear her nose. poor baby..but she calms je when her mama guna suction bulp into her nose. mata bulat kelip kelip..

End of week 7 , we went to see her nurse- weight check 4.8kg. no wonder she is heavy! Adriana got scalp and dandruff on her head, or we call it Cradle Cap. Poor lil Adriana, unfortunately she got all this because her father got Asthma when he was young, so Adriana developed all this eczema n skin problem, so much of father's genes on her. For this skin problem, we use the cradle cap shampoo which thank god, bau wangi from rose water and not bau ubat kan.

Adriana's first snow !

Week 8: (2 months old)
Today, she is 2 months old. And still snowing outside. Its our 6 days of snow non-stop.
Yes, of course it is beautiful, everywhere outside is white, as if covered by a white blanket..suci.. far Adriana has been a very calm baby.No colic, or perut berangin, so baby only cries when she needs milk, nappy change, nk tido or sejuk(after bath). At this stage, her Papa n Mama knows what she wants because we can read her crying tone..if nak tido, cry manja2..
She has a routine..She sleeps 3 to 4 hours at one time in the day, and during intervals, milk, nappy change, milk, sleep again, but lately she is more awake. At night time, its Papas time, where her father looks after her. She goes to sleep paling lambat at 1am which with her Papa. and she wakes up the next morning around 7. best sgt because she sleeps like us at night time.
When nappy change, even she is crying, if I said Im going to do nappy change and unbutton her cloth, she'll be quiet works everytime. She loves nappy change. or is it every baby like this, perhaps I am just over-too-excited for my baby. Apologies for that...

ahhh...So much of mama-hood, such a blessing..I could not described, but this is the feeling I have been waiting for..i ♥ every minute of it..grow up beautifully ok, baby..?

Adriana today, and we marked this day with imprinting her lil foot!