Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wedding Details - Wedding Reception

Date : 1.1.2010
Venue: Grand Ballroom - Hotel Equatorial Bangi
Theme : Ladies : Soft/Dusty Pink
Gentlemen: Silver

Attire Bride & Groom: Syomir Izwa - 0173703503
Make up : Sue Cantik
Pelamin : Deen Gemilang ( Pak Din ) - 0176351838
Photographer : Nazim Zafri - 013 3131 660
Videographer : Dinawedding -016 976 3884
Doorgift - Chocs from hotel + Candles from Ole Ole Manis
Wedding cake : Zurina
Wedding Band 5 pieces :arranged by dad

Wedding Coordinator: my big brother and SIL - kak Lina yg sgt organised
MC : Uncle Wie ( Kak Lina's uncle)

A new year..A new life..and A night to be cherished my whole life time... 1.1.2010 =)
alhamdulilah most of the things during the event went as planned..of course ada hiccups here and there..but yang the most important thing is that you enjoy your time.. ok bride-to-be out there!

biggest hiccup i think that night yang made me jadi BRIDEZILLA was the handbouquet! I am a flower lover so handbouquet was one of the things that i was very particular about..even my posts on my blog .. berapa kali hand bouquet revisited. the orchids are my fav..even to the extend my cake nak jugak orchids. i was dissappointed because the vendor yang supposed to provide the hand bouquet dah promised - berapa kali 'iya iya boleh punya'...and because he did for one his customer the flower that i that was why i trusted him on the hand bouquet.. but on the day...he did not..

i found out that the hand bouquet was the one yang hotel provide..fresh roses..orangey colour. i freaked out. nasib baik rumah sue like 5 mins away from the hotel..asked someone to bring over my calla lily - at least something! but...hmm..unfortunately 'tak kena'.

luckily, MIL yg pernah offered the crystal flowers handbouquet for the wedding to me, but i was too obsessed with chance! so bunga dip lah jadi peneman Sue that night. it turned out ok, i guess...

Capacity of guest - kecil sahaja - only 250 pax. only 7 tables are booked for my 100 friends i gave it a risk - i remembered one of the email discussing about guests with Diah - give it 30% for no show - why? 1. date - new year perhaps org still in new year party mood 2. bangi - agak jauh especially if hujan that night 3. etc etc reasons - last minute change of plan .. so gamble..and worth it! no table yang kosong, minor seating kosong - cuz last year's my bro wedding we had to pay for 5 tables - 50 pax for nothing.. Alhamdulilah..this year we got to avoid something like that to happen. thanks Diah for a brilliant info!

I was so delighted to see mostly my friends are wearing pink! they are sooo sweet! That night was fun .. tangkap gambar and to hear they woo-ing during the montage..that was cool!
paling suka part baling hand bouquet - wow..stempede! but Aziati managed to capture the flower..mmg salute! hehe..

Live-feed went fine - thank you DinaWedding! CT lights (Pak Din supplied) pun ok..the lights we used that changes colour every now n then..during merenjis i request them to stay clear lights..if tak = pening .hehe.

my lil' sister jadi my bridesmaid - the dress was made by Syomir. and my mum's too!- noticed tak- mak pengantin?hehe - both of them make up by Ian Sham

Diah & Dyla which I asked them both to be my pengiring =) make up done by Diyana...i think they looked so sweet and gorgeous.. a special thanks to be part of my big day..
also my usherrette yg pretty - Izrin, Dini, Dzue, Nana, Asyik, Jaja n also (faiezy)!

noticed the beautiful silver bunga pahar on the stage - Nariko . you can rent from her! oh ya..the white chairs they belong to me..bought it a pair, actually need only one for my my mum dah always tanya..tak ada org nk beli ke - cuz we dont know where else to put it? anyone nak beli the nice lathered chair with a really good price - pls do email me at

wedding montages - Sue gathered the photo like so last minute due to hard disk corrupt. Mr.Wira from Dinawedding successfully complete them in 3 days time! terer kan...mmg hero!

MC that night was my SIL's uncle..i think he did a great job! my sister in law(SIL) - kak lina n my bro was the wedding coordinator - they even have their own walki-talki which Sue pun tak tahu...i didnt know n least expected my guest book to be filled..but after the wedding it was a pleasant was full..and sgt sweet n cantik with all the well wishes. i think my SIL got all my friends covered.. also i bought disposal cameras which i bought here - Confetti . put them around the bride's friends tables. they we being used wisely...loved the outcome, the photos when i developed them, those are captured n used well.

ahh..sorry for a long post..lastly i hope that my chilhood friends, SMSJ friends, MRSM, college, Dublin friends bloggers enjoyed the wedding. gratitude for all who came..thank you for being part of my wedding day! gracie~

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wedding Details - Solemnization *updated*


I am now back in Dublin, living my life as a wife n pekerja di office yang bagus I was doing so well being both, I didn't have time for facebook or my blog! Ahh first week, i think things will fall into places, have to social juga, being wife doesnt mean no life. But Diahlicious, how you managed being everywhere eventho you are married? that, Sue sgt salute! hehe..
ok as promised... here are a bit info about the wedding -1st day - akad nikah.

Date : 31.12.2009
Venue: Bride's home - Bandar Baru Bangi
Theme : Groom's - Blue Turquoise Bride's - Purple Lilac

Attire : Syomir Izwa - 0173703503
Make up : Sue Cantik
Pelamin : Deen Gemilang ( i refer him as Pak Din ) - 0176351838
Photographer : Nazim Zafri - 013 3131 660
Videographer : Dinawedding -016 976 3884
Catering : ube catering ( bangi side )
Canopy : Accer Event- Jas - 019 664 4258/012 635 9020
Doorgift - Ole Ole Manis -
Hand Bouquet - PureSeed -
Hantaran Deco - Eliza Elies -

actually the 4th day of wedding, my phone kena curi - hence semua contact vendors hilang...these are only ones I can retrieved back.

here are some photos from the akad nikah by Nazim Zafri(unedited)+ some from various cameras:-

me + Diahlicious - noticed her baju sama shade with my hand bouquet - cute kan =)

I wanted the transparent canopies sgt but when usha harga - at least rm1k each - some quoted rm1500 each. saiko lah jugak for my budget yang limited - so when I knew that Mr.Jas from Accer Event charged rm450 - i knew straightaway getting transparent canopies are achievable.
Mind you that the price does not include the fairies light - so me & my dad went to Jalan Pasar in KL - semua electronics stuff u can get there sgt cheap!. so got the lights at rm5.50 each. beli 24pcs altogether.. i actually have my fairies lights bought from UK - but i used them for my little tree besides the meja makan pengantin that night... oh anyone interested of beli the fairies lights yg i bought from KL -from me can give special price * email me at*

Meja pengantin that night dihiaskan by kerja kahwin - the candles we bought ourselves from ikea. On the nikah night we have a few projectors for the nikah live feed - the uncles n aunties yang sitting outside can also tgk the nikah live, at least can give some space for ppl in the house - credit t0 Dinawedding.

oh also, see the butterfly lanterns - the laura ashley like - sue have 5pcs of them and i am renting it at rm15 each - anyone interested? email me aight? sue also used paper lanterns that nikah night, i bought them from kak shaja. I bought 20 of them..- they are cool =)

Here are the hantarans - the bunga dip was used as the deco rather than the fresh flowers. yes, i prefer them fresh, but betul la my MIL said...please use something that we can simpan..after the wedding the bunga dip diberikan to aunties yg nak buat the kenangan..
The bunga dip was ordered from my MIL's friend. Blue theme was chosen for my side to him, and pink for me =)

The gubahan from my side was done by Eliza Elies, noticed type of dulangs are varieties - sebab i like the one silver kerawang, but not we gave a bit of different look by campur aduk the dulangs. i hope tak pelik n buruk ..

miniature cake done by Aunty Norizzan Bakers - info got from Diahlicious. and Diah was also the one to bawa them and the pulut kuning on the nikah night. Thank you dear! but tak sure what happened to the pulut kuning, meant to have a potong pulut kuning...but *missed* sayang sahaja..=(

Hantaran 11 berbalas 9 - mostly last minute. let me share some info from my own research. if so happen that you r staying/shopping in oversea - barang hantaran like Cincin n Jam tangan..sila lah beli di Malaysia..1.cuz the price you will pay sgt different..for watches - ckp je kat the tokey kedai - ask for discount, they sure will mark the price down..2. like cincin more choices and certainly more affordable at the same 4C's.
other than that, if there is a chance,Handbags and other stuff boleh la beli when boxing day or sale cuz you can claim the VAT tax back.

Diamonds are girl best friends' =) love the 'love diamond' eternity ring from him. Alhamdullilah for the diamond necklace a gift from parents in law and to complete it - received the Dior watch with 43 small diamonds (0.54 TW). my Manolo's, I have been eyeing them since they are on the shelves, maybe I admired them so much, he bought it for me. happi! The LV bag i chose it myself, reason - bcuz on the plate ada 101, which reflect our date 101101 couple dulu kala. hehe..

As my nikah date a bit tricky 31.12.2009 malam, I was informed a few days earlier that mostly my friends are unable to come as they have plans for the New Year.. so I have no expectation of friends coming for my nikah...

but on the day itself, i was was so heartfelt to see many of my friends came. It meant so much to me that they came. sorry if sue ruined your new year plan dearest! all i can say - thank you for being part of beautiful moments of my life.

One of my friend who got married before me, i thought was a lovely thing to say ' mostly brides focus to0 much on the wedding reception ceremony- they forgot that the real day is your nikah day - so make it as beautiful as you could - it will be your most unforgettable moments'.
and I can say to all the bride to be out there - cherish those 'nikah day' moments. i had mine, and after even after a month of the wedding , I can still pictured the day very clearly. and i hope you will too...

much love,
Sue xx