Tuesday, January 12, 2010

self wedding planner - a pat at my own back *eceh*

alhamdulilah...4 days straight weddings selesai sudah..glad that all went smooth..

it was magical!

Sue arranged every single little things about my wedding from A to Z from abroad. my parents are quite bz with work and they have given me 100% my free will to do anything with it. balik malaysia 3 times in 2009, which a bit unusual for me cuz the first time sue balik malaysia was after 3 years tak balik at all. for months bought magazines, browse websites, contact vendors 0 terpaksa stayed 3 pagi nak call malaysia bcuz time difference. but it was all worthwhile. I enjoyed it...!

AND I was so lucky to find dear bloggers - especially Diahlicious who helped me all the way with all the tepat correct information! emailing everyday ok! also other bloggers like WLT, Q&A, Amy Misunderstood, Anil, Nariko, Sabsabby are all very helpful and sgt informative. i would really want to say THANK YOU to all of you.

Also, my friends from Subang..every each one of them are very special to me and semua very helpful to make it all of this happened. ahh i love them to bits..

to my papa who arranged all the money to vendors, to mama, yang every way tried her best to provide the best ( mama is a very good negotiator most of things we bought sama sama semua less nearly 70% - cool ey especially my room was her idea)

my kakak ipar is a great planner too, helped me every way she could and my big brother who protected me all the way - both of them staying in Bahrain, we emailed to discuss about weddings.

my lil sister a.k.a bridesmaid, lynn she was a perfect bridesmaid. she went everywhere with me, she knew everything about the wedding inside out. she did a superb job! iwan, my lil bro 0 driver sue everywhere..n he captured all the right photos during wedding. thanks iwann...

to my MC - uncle Wie who technically saved my wedding... who has the kindest heart. May Allah limpahkan rezeki kepada mu. the last few days before wedding I was not at a right state of mind, but Alhamdullilah, I have all the right people to protect me..

for all the vendors who was involved..mcam mcam ragam, but fun to know how to deal with people. to know when to say the right thing, the right time..made a lot new friends, contacts..nice...!

to all bride to be out there..cherish the moment of preparing your wedding! sgt cool k.haha..

sue will post out the details of vendors for my weddings, looks like a few of ppl already asked for it..

lotsa luv.


Nariko said...

magical..yup that is the word to describe your it!! your sis pun so adorable.. tell her i said that.. hehe

Mel said...

To Sue & Najib, congratulations again on your wedding! semoga perkahwinan ini berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat.

Dun forget to share with us all beautiful moments of your wedding...Diahlicious dah share but not enuf..;-)

Sha Pattinson said...

everything seems perfect you deserved it dear ..congrats and gud job!!! like your lil sis sangat comel ..send my regards to her ..she doing the great job ..!!! lucky you
whatever it is congrats and get well soon ..

Diyana said...

Sue, loved your wedding was beautiful

sueanne sunshine said...

nariko: hehe..sweet..i will!

Mel, Sha, Diyana...thank you love.

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