Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Adriana's milestone 6+ months

today, while cooking for dinner, saw Adriana started crawling! last last tgk dia dah nak masuk kitchen. means we have to find the safegate to tutup our kitchen!

Adriana started rolling at 4+ months, menyusur at 5 months. She started to do minipushups and shuffled her bottom at 5+. And today, at 6+ months, she crawled. Her 2 first tooth (bawah) dah very clear, suka gigit Mama dia masa bf. If terjerit at night, mmg Adriana lah. She likes to eat sendiri, but ending mmg messy lah.

We started to feed her at 5+ months. Adriana was showing the sign to eat like early 4 months but I delayed it as long as I cound, even after all the granmas dah sound sound, siap ckp' tak baik tarik rezeki dia Tuhan dah bagi' sbb tak kasi kasi mkn lagi. She loves to see ppl eating, if letak kat meja makan she surely try to reach anything that she can get her hands on. but Baby will always show all of those signs. The reason I delayed it because the later the baby makan, macam lagi pandai lah. Hehe, its just that the later you feed them, the longer they depends on milk.

I am still bf Adriana which Sue sgt syukur I still am. I started working balik after 7 months maternity leave last week and boy, I was lucky. Last week kerja only for 3 days, as it was Easter weekend and this week, 4 days working day only, Monday was Bank Holiday. Same with next week. So basically I am gradually starting to get to work, and slowly adapting Adriana with the routine. Lunch time, Sue balik rumah to BF her. My work to home takes me 7 mins on the tram.

My friend yang babysit Adriana while Im working. She actually dah jaga 2 babies of her sister here in Dublin, now babies dah jadi two big boys! So dia mmg hustler la jaga baby ni. I yang tanya dia baby stuff, and she is only 23! Like today Adriana is not feeling well, she took care of Adriana n now malam sgt active!

Adriana first giggle was the next day after arrived Malaysia, she was 3 months. seriously masa giggle paling best, tgk her face n cute giggles. best!

here are her latest photos