Thursday, November 19, 2009

wedding cards are now ready =)

wedding cards are now ready! i have not seen it myself. asked mama to Fed Ex it over. my sweetie friend Dzue has agreed to distribute to my friends at home. luv u dzue =)

Dear bloggers. if you wish to come over to my kenduri, please email me at
The details of the kenduri is below :-

Venue : rumah ku syurga ku - Bandar Baru Bangi
Date: Sunday, 3rd January 2010
Time : Siang time

If you are free and are around Bangi/Kajang/Cheras during those time. Sila la datang..sure it will be nice to see u there =) dont forget to say hello to the bride! weeee!



Sha Pattinson said...

wahh dah siap ..congrats dear ..nak sangat pegi ..but what to do we share wedding date hiksss ..takde rezeki la kan ..may b someday ..insyaAllah ..btw thanks ofr the wishes ..but kalau i nak minta wedding card u bole tak hikss tak malu kan ..nak simpan hahaha i tau your card mesti best..

angelX said...

sue I'm going to london on sunday! :D

sueanne sunshine said...

Sha pattinson: oh alright!

Angelx: baby! my day with you is 1.1.2010 =) get your sweetest gorgeous pink baju! muahhss xx

dialicious said...

angkat tangan!!!

SaSsYAnGeL said...

owh, org bangi ke ? which seksyen ? skool mana dulu ? fasa 2 or fasa 3 ?? congrats dear .... really happy for you ... what batch are u eyh ?? im Redzuan's batch [Natira's hubby] .. u know them right ? saw few of ur pics in their facebook and friendster before ... ure so lovely .. congrats again ... May Allah bless ~

sueanne sunshine said...

SasSyangel...sorry sue tak perasan you drop a msg.
Well, my parents moved to bangi last year. its seksyen 4 bandar baru bangi near to sekolah menengah seksyen 4.

sue batch 1983, redzuan is my senior. yes i knew iwan n his gorgeous wife..we are here in dublin.

thanks for the kind wishes. i like your blog. very informative. =)