Saturday, November 7, 2009


at this stage, wedding preparation is going very slow, at times, wedding is next month?
takpe chill..lambat lagi kot! hehe...jum jalan manchester.. suka sgt manchester, been there 4 times, and still loving it, we really wish we could settle down there.. everything seems so much more affordable, halal foods are everywhere and we sempat went to see our friend future home..3 storey house, with 3 rooms and 3 living rooms at gbp180k ! what is Dublin to compare to Manchester..furthermore all time fav footballteam Manchester United <--ecehhh!! sorry..nothing about weddings.. just a few piccas from the football match Man United vs. Blackburn (2-0) mestilah M.U menang, very cheap n delicious halal food and future home of our dear friend =)

bride to be makan byk byk takpe kan?? oppss..oh no!! gemuk!!..but the foods are irresistible =(

p.s : UP the 3D cartoon is sooo worth it to go see and watch! recommended!~


Sha Pattinson said...

OMG cantiknyerr rumah ...the most i like is kitchen dia luas and i show ur frend's handbag coach hehehe cool yeaa ...bestnye tgk food dia very fascinating i pon slow juga di tambahi dgn masalah warna baju jadinye i frust giler ..!!! and i know ur wedding pasti melets!!

dialicious said...

tu kira murah tak?

a.i.n.u.n. said...

hi! first... congrats on your up-n-coming wedding! i can only imagine how much more difficult it is for you to organize your own wedding whilst you're in oversea. i'm getting married myself this april, so i hope you don't mind exchanging bridezilla stories!

btw... i studied in manchester up to 2007. bestkn curry mile? i miss my chillo kebab there!

hope to keep in touch!

sueanne sunshine said...

a.i.n.u.n : sorry there dear, sue tak perasan your comment..

thank you for your kind wish. haha..mmg complicated especially the time difference. wish a lot can be done in a day..but basically tak buat apa apa pun. i left it all to be done in 1.5 week which I know it will be quite impossible. then ill put the tasks the rest to ppl. delegation, is the way to do it babeh! hehe..

hey..pls do exchange stories. have you done you invitation card? if you wont be going to jakarta, i have contacts. do email me at
mine was done in time, perfect, no errors, and its beautiful..! hehe..