Saturday, November 21, 2009

Wedding Present from DinaWedding =)

Yeayyy! DinaWedding will be shooting our pre-wedding videoshoot as our wedding present.
Mr.Ady is soooo soooo nice.. everyone in DinaWedding is nice.. they are highly recommended for those who are still searching for montages, live feed and videos for the BIG day..!they are very professional.

They did a superb job at my brother and my beautiful SIL's wedding, and my engagement..wish I could put up my engagement video here.

here is the link... go n check them out. simple gorgeous n sweeettt! - more of their work presented here..

The wedding is so near now.. I'm feeling the excitedness =)


Anonymous said...
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sueanne sunshine said...

dear anonymous. thank you for your info. yes, please email me for further information at

i've seen a lot of dinawedding's end can even see it on youtube. its your call whether to judge them good or bad..but based on my instinct, they will deliver a superb end product. InsyaAllah..they will not turn me down..

thanks again.