Friday, December 25, 2009

Our event, Our way, please!

Cherish this moment Sue.. the moment about solving issue about perenjis. My mum is so upset now. I am worried about her as she is such a relax and calm person but not this time.

Well, I am going to say it - It's our event, please note this, we will do it our way. No more comprising all of your requests. We have limits and we have dignity.

All I need and All i ask is a HAPPY wedding. HAPPY..!


Deloress said...

I wish the journey towards your wedding day will go smoothly without a hitch. It's hard to impress everyone ..dont they know that it's our SPECIAL day ..& and WE after all people they should have consider first...

All the best luv =)
And happy new year

Nariko said...

sue, it's definitely not possible to satisfy everybody, jgn stress sgt kay.. wish you all the best, see you nxt week ya dear :)

happy new year
selamat pengantin baru


Sha Pattinson said...

u stress i lagi stress dear ..i have big problem now ..don't know how to say ..but apa2 pun wish u selamat pengantin baru ..6 more day yiaa

Izrin said...

YES! Go darling! jgn bg pija kepala.. jgn stress ok syg? just do ur thing. i hope it's gonna end up perfect.

sarah said...

i hope everything will be okay..cuba relax,and ignore whatever people say. senyum je walaupun diorg kata macam2. this is your precious day, so stick with your own plan..all the best :)