Thursday, July 2, 2009

Six Months & Counting...

I've got 6 months to go..sometimes when I think about heart raced - should I be panic?
sometimes I said to myself.. relax.Everything will surely be OK. I'm contradict myself at the same time!

Preparations are at a standstill. Too stressful to think about weddings. The fact that I am here and not there make it worst! And the time difference, it does need a lot of effort to bangun early in the morning or to sleep late at night just to call vendors/suppliers. Calls are not enough, need to follow up, if not, won't happen! I think I need a wedding planner..but they are charging too much! I really need a decent one with sufficient skills and honest heart to make my day goes right.



Anonymous said...

hi..dah ade fotographer..
visit us k..

Sha Pattinson said...

i also have same feeling like u dear ..sometimes i hate wedding ticker brain can not working ..sometimes much stress ..kebetulan plak i buat sendiri ..coz my mom adalah seorang yang selamba yang tegar ..gud luck for your preparing ..