Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cherish this moment : Being 26

Happy 26th Birthday! Oh no. Another year older..I hope a lot more wiser!!
I had a really nice suprises - not one but two. Thanks to my fiance - 'LUP' (love) what I always call him. thanks for making up my day..that was so thoughtful. I had a great time..

he actually organised a party for me so at 12 sharp - tiup lilin the first cake =)

cake already being eaten, tak sempat took picture before. this is our fav cake here in Dublin. eventho rupa tak seberapa..but it does tastes nice..i wish we have secret recipes cakes here!!
in the day - so I thought oh we already got the suprise party last night so today will be just two of us chilling n hanging around. so he brought me to get some lunch - and yeay..all of my friends are there!

today also, lup nak potong his head bald. i like him with hair, but summer so hot and dah lama tak botak, biarkan dia. long as I am happy.. =) in which I am!
i couldn't be more happier - because I got my dream shoe for the wedding that I have eyeing for months now.. my manolo blahnik =) thank u thank u love. u r so nice..

got the Karen Millen's shoe for majlis bertandang groom side also. i like it..the shade of the colour is quite hard to find.luckily now i dont have to think about it again. the only kasut for nikah I still need to look around. Stuart Weitzman has a few nice ones.

and yeay.. got the photoprinter that I wanted. its really handy - got all three - photocopier/printer/scanner. got good price of it from euro199 got euro89! good buy i'd say!
now I can print out photo sesuka hati wahahhaha..

Had a great day! I hope i'll be this happy for the next 356 days..till the next birthday..amin..


Sha Pattinson said...

Manolo Blahnik how lucky!! huhuh

AmyMizzunderstood said...

Wow...u got Manolo Blahnik??huhuhu im so jealous!

dialicious said...

wowwwww...niceeeee!!!Ur so lucky to have a man who likes to make surprises..we gals love suprises kan!hehehe..oh yea..Happy belated birthday!u share birthday w my fiance so i will rmember every yr!hehehe

sueanne sunshine said...

dialicious! serious sama w your fiance?! =) yeay.28thjune mmg best! hehe..

bitsANDpieces said...

OMG! ahhh that kasut is to die for...lucky you, girl