Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I received a call from Mama..she said that she wanted instead having a reception at home from my side, she wanted me to have it at the hotel. As far as I am aware - I will be paying 100%, bear all the cost for my wedding. But she said it's a gift for me. And for the hotel cost - she will be paying it.

she said
'mama wants you to be happy, you have been working so hard, and became so successful, so it's my gift to you, you deserved it sayang.'

I was speechless. I always felt that Mama favours me a little less than her other three children and that mama love my big brother the most. So when she uttered those words, my heart sank with happiness. But all I said - 'Mama, thank you.'

Unlike any other mother-daughter relationship, mine wasn't that great. not that we are not in good terms, but she has a big responsibility on her work. she loves her job. her priority. So I grew up, missing the good times being with her - because mostly shes at work. (im in a boarding school anyway). Not that I blame her for that, I totally understand why - she wanted us to have everything that she never had - a better life, future.

Nevertheless, I always loves her. If I were given another chance, I promised it to be different. I wanted us to be very close - I want to tell her everything, share all the little stories, hug her more, tell her I love her every now and then. But to start something that you rarely do and furthermore we are very far away apart - its hard.

Again, so those words that she said, was one of the greatest moments that I have with her. I'm glad to hear those. I'm happy. Contented.



Anonymous said...

same situation like me, but mine still have to pay all those expenses..even though they demanding too much of it...