Friday, May 29, 2009

Wedding Favors

Hmm..Wedding favors - I want mine to be different, unusual - and more importantly its practical not just cantik! Since my reception (the malam) will be mostly my friends (hooray!) and close i want the favors to be a bit meaningful =)

So I came up with a few ideas:-

1) CD - compilation of our favourite love songs and personalised the cover album.

2) Tasbih - yes - tasbih -I've seen wedding favors of tasbih -made from pearls, crystals beads, swarovski ( for women ) tigerseye beads (for man).. so cantik! but very pricey for my budget..

3) Kodak Moment! Single use cameras for favors - remember this tak? kamera pakai buang..
so everybody can take pictures.heee..

4) as my wedding day jatuh pada hari pertama dalam tahun 2010 - i think this is relevant - personalised diary / or table calendar for the wedding favors. =)
check this out- this company can personalised the calendars or diary which u like how it would like to be lah - so for girl sweet sweet skit. and for the guys - maybe gambar golf, foods, or scenery
google this:gettingpersonal website (the link doesn't work here)

the flower looks exactly like my profile photo kan =) that profile photo was taken on the day he proposed to me and i love the ring he gave me!

P.S: its Friday and a long holiday weekend - Monday is June bank holiday ! happy days!



Anonymous said...

hi there! good idea! giving out calendar. my weds also on new year ;) happy preparing ya..

Sha Pattinson said...

OMG out date wedding is a same ...happy preparing ...nice!!! all the vendor is the best one!!! gd luck!!

sueanne sunshine said...

sha pattinson! good luck too!
hey invite me to your blog! we can share..and care! haha..


Sha Pattinson said...

i've been invited you but ..where the email pls ..huhuhu