Sunday, May 24, 2009

Planned to Perfection?

All we can do is planning, but a lot of 'pesanan' that we may find hiccups here and there before, during and after the wedding. I will always take that in mind, but will do my best to plan & put things together in one beautiful piece.

Here are the list that I have done so far - which I'm not so impressed ! need to get more done..

  • confirmed dates - 1st January 2010 . Nikah + bride's reception. 3rd January 2010 groom's reception.
  • confirmed venue - at first we wanted to confirm my reception at Marriot Putrajaya, but garden wedding seems so much interesting. so my reception will be at home and also his! I so want the transparent canopies + fairies lights + flower dome for the cake cutting!
  • make up artists - nikah -saidatulnisa (booked) receptions - suecantik (booked)
  • kursus kahwin - we did our kursus here, sijil dikeluarkan oleh Mara London. Hope boleh accept.
  • photographer - official fotographer is Nazim Zafri (see his work here)
  • videographer - Dinawedding (click here) montages to cry for!
  • reception dress(bride's side)-Hatta Dolmat(as suggested by the Jakel - oh so affordable)
  • reception dress (groom's side) and baju nikah- Iszal Citra
so here are list to do ( the main ones ) :-
  • i think i need a Wedding Planner - my mum is too busy at work, lil sis is too busy preparing for her A levels for medics, and I'm here too far away to get things done - I mean with all the lil' details. Please can someone recommend me a very good wedding planner (affordable)!?
  • book catering
  • find transparent canopies with fairies lights
  • find designer for songket - where do I get a nice songket? i wish it to be in silver colour.
  • kad (indonesia maybe?)
  • wedding favours
  • accesories like tiaras, pearl necklace and bracelet, and etc
  • buy barang hantarans!
  • plan for honeymoon - cruise? beach - maldives - or USA? fiance just got his US visa done last Friday.
thats all for now. the list will grow and getting into more detail.

p.s: weather was so lovely today - wish that summer will be great this year!



dialicious said...

hey there..we hired the same makeup artists..huhu..
wedding planner-try Perfect Day Planner
transparent canopy-ct catering
nice songket-bibah songket is fab but quite pricey.kalo yg dah siap i like the design from Zulfazli Suhadi in Puchong

AmyMizzunderstood said...

hi there..for hantaran,merisik gallery willing to help u.. :)(promote diri sendiri)

sueanne sunshine said...

thanks Dialicious & Amy. =)

Ole-Ole Manis said...

for hard cover wedding card try KadKahwinStore.. (nad pon promote diri sendiri juge la amy.) :)