Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cherish This Moment : 1st time blogging!


I always thought I will never write any blog in my entire life, because I think that my life is so occupied. Having a second thought of that, I always wanted to put together my thoughts in writing rather than having them lingering on my mind.

It sparks me to create this blog as I got to read some of the goods ones, other than the ones who writes about their life-daily stuff that I'm not sure who really reads them? But hey, its their rights, why should I bother.

Because I am in the amidst of researching and planning for my upcoming wedding (7 months to come) I wanted some opinions, ideas, tips from others. Especially I am so far way from my home, I think I needs it. I hope this blog will help me planning and realising the dream wedding! =).

Credits to the bloggers out there who already managed to put together their ideas in such beautiful pieces and contacts! It does help me a lot up to this stage.

Well, just bare with me readers if this blog bore you, but what I'm trying to do is to cherish and capture the beautiful moments my journey of creating this wedding and marriage, life .. and I hope to continue writing in this blog as long as time allows me to.. amin.

P.S : oh I created this blog when I should be revising - exam in 2 hours time. good luck!