Monday, June 15, 2009

In search of Manolo Blahnik..

had the weekends in London with my 2 best girlfriends. Have known both of them for years - since boarding school. but one of them akan balik malaysia for good.. so we decided to go chill chill 3 of us. so we picked London. why? - best makan + Manolo Blahnik! hehe. Apparently searching for the perfect shoe bukan lah tujuan utama but to spend the quality time together.

fallen in love instantly when I first looked at Manolo's collection kat boutique here - but the choices not that many. so the place to go is London lah.

on Saturday 13th June - after checking in hotel - we thought - ok lah. oxford street dulu..then after naik tube arrived at the Oxford St. so we thought, nice summer weather, semua london chickas pun dressing summer, then it got warmer and panas and ramai org and then serabut! huh! I've tried to find something nice..but tak jumpa.

And towards petang its already late to go to the shoe shop because semua shop pun tutup by 6pm. We have 1 hour more before the shop close but the boutique jauh dari tube station and not that near from the oxford st. so I said its ok we still have Sunday.

So that night after dinner - a friend from birmingham joined us. he got a car - so my friends decided we go and check out the Manolo Blahnik shop so that tomorrow we can pegi to the shop terus without having to cari the kedai lagi.

pusing pusing and round lagi tak jumpa. weird. how on earth the most famous shoe designer's shop boleh dekat awkward place - hidden? so we decided to park the car and jalan so that we would not miss the place lagi. after jalan n tak jumpa lagi we thought - hmm dah tak ada kot the boutique ( but in the head - denial state! ) and suddenly my friend tunjuk - dah jumpaaaa..
and she even melompat ke-happy-an. and me too of course. so with the overwhelming perasaan we even hugsss sebab happy sgt.

and then the bad news :-

shop tak open on Sunday. Disappointed jugak la. takpe lah tak ada rezeki. so we all tgk the display saja lah. I want to get the shoe with my 2 bestie's opinion - that would be really nice to have when we are stuck not knowing which one the best to choose!

ahh..nevertheless, I've enjoyed myself hanging out with the two sweethearts. had a good time, great photos and beautiful memories =). anyway I got my wedding planner plus the guest books I ordered tru online sent to the hotel. i like it.

P.S: gonna mish you dr.aien . enjoy malaysia.


dialicious said...

wah..bestnyerrr..kt msia manolo tumpang kedai Shuz kt klcc..tu pun kadang2 je ade..huhuh..i wish we had the Christian Louboutin here as cannot afford yet..hehe

sueanne sunshine said...

i actually in love with stuart weiztman that Aliah wore at the nikah day. simple yet elegant! i wonder kat klcc boutique besar tak diah? i want to go back kl boleh prepare things.. i actually kinda at standstill ni =(


sitijamilahazmi said...

sunshine, butik weitzman tak besar sgt kat klcc. but byk choices of the blings blings lah haha. but ur manolo must be simply gorgeous aite? and hey come back come back 5 months to go sweetie! =)

dialicious said...

yup yup..pavillion's is bigger n normally end of d year price will slash below 1k

sueanne sunshine said...

so pavillion ada jugak butik Stuart Weitzman? bestnya!

sitijamilahazmi: yeah 5 months.scary cuz literally nothing yet done. i maybe dpt balik sept 2 weeks. then 2 weeks b4 the nikah day!

dialicious: dear, i nak tanya if you dont' mind baju mandagie mahal tak dier charge? if baju nikah around berapa?

dialicious said...

sue-rasenye 4k 5k bwk kain seniri..hehe..aug 7,8&9 ade pameran kahwin kt midval dpt rm500 off..ask ur frens or siblings to go n get the voucher for u lar..hehehe

sueanne sunshine said...

gulppp. mahal nya. i sumtimes can pengsan with all the price tag! thanks for the info diahlicious. =) that's good to have the 500rm off!