Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wedding Invitation Cards

Today oh so lazy to work. I had enough looking at the numbers. At half 5 sharp I ran out to the office door. Too good not to be out in the sunshine! I feel like buying a wedding magazine, so I grabbed the latest Martha Steward for 6euro. oh so lovely!

So I saw this amazing idea - wedding invitation card with the doily papers! you can find the doilies here .I think this idea is great because you can save a lot of money by not having to buy cards yang fancy and mahal..because its so lovely on its own.
Can anyone tell me where to get nice doilies in KL?

Also, I found DIY wedding invitation- with laser cut papers - which I really like. The colours and the ribbons on the cards are amazing..very sweet colours! I don't know which colour that I really want. check it out here.

Buy cards in Indonesia. Its cheaper..yes, I know, but if I wish I have the time in the world. So the word for today is - just to make and do with what I have - albeit time, money, and resource-people with skill to do it.
Well there is one collections of cards that I like from Indonesian company - Kartureva

Ok. I would like to continue flipping the magazine =).


dialicious said...

oh..those cards r pwetty!and i wish we had that martha stewart mag too in Msia..huhuhuh

sueanne sunshine said...

=) dialicious, ratu sehari lagi best cuz relevant and wahh sgt berinformasi.
for me now, you lah my informasi.

Ive contacted Din pelamin, yg you suggested.Thanks dear. Tried to call him the whole week - no ring tone, so I thought oh salah number kot.

But apparently he called and sms me back saying that he was in Bangkok.

happy. =) good thing being a bride to be- all the little things can make us happy kan?


dialicious said...

huhuh..comel jer..
Dicky d fabulous dah cek out?google aje..hehehe

sueanne sunshine said...

i ader his contacts..his partner encik shah works in SSF puchong. We went there beli curtains and he semangat recommend Dicky. The price starts rm5k decoration kat rumah.

By the way, who will be your decorator dear?

dialicious said...

this guy name Razak(ex debunga gallery) will decorate my pelamin..tak femes pun but his price is very2 reasonable n he can draw using autocad first d pelamin design b4 making it real.hehe

aida-Debunga gallery said...

hi..cuma nak bagi tau yg razak BUKAN x-DEBUNGA GALLERY..mungkin ada yg tersilap faham tetapi Razak dari RASS DECO TIADA kaitan dgn DEBUNGA GALLERY semenjak sebelum RASS DECO ditubuhkan.pelamin dr Debunga Gallery adalah hak milik asal DEBUNGA GALLERY yg pernah keluar di dlm majalah RATU SEHARI keluaran CDQA Media.harap maklum...terima kasih

sueanne sunshine said...

dialicious..tak kira lah sape your decorator - but all i know it will all stunning n georgeous! good luck babe..


esca said...

wedding invitation card.. i dh deco cuma nk cari warna yang sesuai untuk kedua2 belah pihak punya card...