Friday, July 3, 2009

Air Asia..Argghh!!

BIG MISTAKES! BIG one! i hope I learnt a lesson out of this. Never to book flights in advance yg terlampau.

I actually booked Air Asia flight tickets terlalu in advance last year for all 4 ways to and fro from London to KL for year 2009. It was the first time when Air Asia announced and launched their first few flights and so I thought wow murah giler tickets compared to MAS or other airlines. like 600euros which was quite cheap for a normal flight would cost me 1000euros. so I got too excited so I booked all 4 and tersgt happy with the purchases.

But since with the pandemic and financial crisis - the flights now cost only GBP267 for return flights! can you imagine how cheap it gets! and now, feeling stupid, I could not do anything bout the tickets. paid the same price for 1 way!

I have burnt 5 flight tickets this year only-the big one was the Malaysia flight ticket burnt due to work related. i hate you audit!!. Ah please don't make any stupid mistakes lagi with the flight tickets. Poor management poor semua lah!

ok that was my mistake. but this I am a bit pissed off because I actually burnt my extra credit rm110 on Air Asia due to their error, so this is Air Asia's mistake. They charged me too much & also that girl who attended me was quite rude, so I had to made another call to talk to somebody else to get my money back. And now that money gone. They didn't remind me at all that it will get expired at the certain double whammed!

So now I have to think..whether to bring forward this open ticket to December bila I betul betul nak balik for the wedding and pay only 267euro untuk balik this Sept for Raya. or should i finish off all air asia tickets never to think about it again?!

its 4.29 am I still wide awake n can't sleep. and titiber to think about this lagi menyakitkan hati.
please sleep..esok kerja =( !!


sitijamilahazmi said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa jahatnye!oh hun.what a unlucky thing.babe,fight for it if possible.tapi kalau tak boleh juge, take it as takde rezeki for u?sorry to hear that doll.

sueanne sunshine said...

thanks dear. i'll to write or something..i know tony fernandes ader blog. maybe i can drop one or two lines there! =)

Sha Pattinson said...

i have same problem with the airasia ..yang tak bleh tahan ..sume pekerja airasia mmg rude ek?? layan kita mcm kita nih tade maruah ..yiaa mcm nih la if we toke the cheapest services.

sueanne sunshine said...

yes, they are quite rude. I hope service level kat malaysia boleh pertingkatkan. chewah!