Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hand Bouquet - revisited

In my earlier post , I wanted to get the overflowing white phalaenopsis for the reception hand bouquet, but later realised it will be a bit invisible. Yep, Diah, pink is definitely the colour - so, the alternative to that maybe I can get the - Lipstick kissed Butterfly Orchid.. what a name!

and as suggested by my bestfriend, it should be something like this, thank you Dot, I love it, so we can mix n match with a bit of roses , the lipstick kissed + the purple phalaenopsis, with silver silk and soft pink ribbon :-
BUT, where to get it? these flowers are quite rare. hopefully dpt cari lah kan =)
usha flickrs - searched for orchids - sgt cantik all the orchids. no wonder my mum likes them since I was small, and now I can appreciate the beauty of orchids. simply gorgeous..

** updated, went window shopping - saw this in Jimmy Choo's boutique, heart throbbing..not for Jimmy Choo's, but for orchids.. ! hehe..luvly innit' !


Sha Pattinson said...

orchid nice and beautiful lain dari yang lain ..and the colors pink, purple, silver ..hurmm lain dari yang lain ..i toon good in colors yah ..if my self color sentiasa fail .. but the orchids its a good choice!! luv it!

Izrin said...

su, u sgt rajin buat research..i never have thought that orchids wud look so beautiful macam dlm gambar tu.. :) i say..go for it girl! sangat cantik!

Lynda Kamal said...

i like orchid. roses will never go wrong but orchids will always give you the extra compliment.

Sha Pattinson said...

toon ?? ** not
type error

sueanne sunshine said...

sha: =) thank u

izrin: sue can only research dear, execution tak terbuat lagi. cant wait to be back. saya rindu kamu.

lynda kamal: yes, totally agree with you..