Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Luv


Happy birthday Luv. So today we went buka puasa plus celebrate his birthday.. nothing fancy, just being the two of us. It is a mexican restaurant, Cactus Jack, we have to be very choosy when deciding where to eat, as makanan yang boleh makan and halal is a bit difficult to find here. If kedai normal, we have to opt only vegetarian food or seafood. But Cactus Jack is one of our favourite. We had vegetarian nachos for starter and for main course, seafood platter and prawn fajitas.

For dessert, a slice of chocolate cake ,also the free birthday cake on the house. Hehe best! All the waiter and waitress there dtg with the cake, and nyanyi bday song, also all other customers pun sing along =).. but sang to me not him, terpaksa menyamar as bday girl. He is pemalu , anything with getting attention, even from time to time when talking about wedding, always he whispered to me- Malu la nanti nak jalan masa reception nanti ( walking thru the aisle ). wow. I cant wait to walk the aisle..hehe!

Hope he likes the dinner. well, on Saturday akan buat makan makan at this house with all of our friends. So ok lah. kot. =)

By the way, something caught my eyes today. One of Udey's client, used Phalaenopsis, my fav flower as the flower bouquet on her reception. I want exactly like it. Lets take a peak.

What you do think? If my reception dress is white, and the phalaenopsis are white too, they are a bit invisible, don't they? I think I need to change my mind. My best friend was saying to me there is pink phalaenopsis. Is there? Jum cari..!

This is my potted phalaenopsis, got it last 2 months ago from Ikea, still happily berbunga bunga..hope for more bunga to come!


dialicious said...

i think the flowers are pwetty tp the way bride tu pegang mcm kekok sket would pop out nice out of ur whitey dress!

sueanne sunshine said...

yes diah..def pink! =), and i found an alternative,- the lipstick kiss butterfly orchid! wasn't sure where to tempah the hand bouquet in KL tho. its so gorgeous!

Sha Pattinson said...

pink such a nice color..tapi kena lembut kalau terang ..mcm tak kena jerk ..kalau wedding apa2 pon must be in whites kena ada ..dan selebihnye color2 lain ..baru nampak cantik kan ..?? i love evrything about wedding ...hurmm ...

sueanne sunshine said... base will be white , then yg lain tu, i need to confirm back, boleh tak sue tak make up my mind yet.. 3 months to go..