Friday, September 25, 2009

balik Malaysia !

the bags are packed and im not so ready to go! i wish i can sampai terus! i hate being alone on the plane for straight 12 hours.

i cant wait to be back.. but I'm now so sad...just found out that my external hard drive have been corrupted - so all those photos for the last 6 years are gone! I'm just dumbfounded by how things are - especially I really need those photos for the wedding montages. so what now =( ...
I really hope it can be I'm counting on someone out there to fix this.. waa tolong la !!



Sha Pattinson said...

wah welcome home ..hurm insyaAllah pasti akan ada yang pandai fix benda tue doa2 la yea ...brapa lama lat Malaysia?

hidden.wing said...

hopefully someone can fix them asap for u :)

my sis accidentally ter-buang all my kiddie pics time pindah rumah baru..all gone & nothing we could do about it. so no childhood montage for me hehe..

sueanne sunshine said...

sha. thanks. it is being looked at. but very pricey!!! =(

hidden wing - very risky kan all this - boleh hilang and all. i just realised i have not that many too for childhood photos - that will mean no photos for my life =( ( over skit * )

Sha Pattinson said...

my childhood photo semuanya dulu2 pakai filem siap cuci so ..kalau nak buat montage kena scan la plak ..takpa la takde gambar yang penting memory yang ada pada kita ..itu yang sentiasa perlu diingati ..

Zara~AB said...

i'm a silent reader of urs! chill dear. hehehe. btw, there's alwiz a recovery softwares to restore all those! RM450! seriously, ketuk abis nie!

sueanne sunshine said...

serious kena ketuk. =(

chacha said...

hi sue,

i selalu baca ur blog.
boleh tak i tau kat mana u anta thumbdrive i yang rosak ni.
semua gambar i kat dalam jugak.
boleh tak u bgtau i kat mana nak recovery data centre tu.

thanks sangat2