Sunday, September 26, 2010

38 weeks!

my belly is super belly besar!
anyhow, i am happi mummy to be!

this year banyak sgt open houses. alhamdullilah for byk rezeki makanan..and i get to eat what I want. so no reason not to pantang cuz mkn so byk. last friday was my last day working. was really glad that i made it to the very last day to work. so maternity leave for 7 months paid due to go back office April 2011. if not enough, i am still entitle for extra 16 weeks more, but no pay. we'll see if we have sorted at that time who to look after baby...still cant believe. means this is the longest holiday that i will have..cuz masa SPM break or college break, I always make sure I worked in the office, or shop.

hubby suprised me with a big bouquet of flowers - as a good luck he said. I'm really into flowers so i am so pleased that get one! thank you Luv =)

today dah finalised all things to buy, got the TENS machine, tonight finalise baby bag. Tomorrow will finalise baby space..

It can be anytime now. Please pray for me and baby for the smoothest delivery... I keep my mind open - our body is designed to give birth...every each of us on this planet dilahirkan from mother's womb, every mom can do it. I can too... !!

everytime Sue tgk the photo with the big belly, i think i am going to miss being pregnant, baby kicking in the womb, talk to the belly.. baby is actually sgt senang pregnantkan dia. except for me sakit belakang and SPD, other than that baby was so nice to me. cant think any other way how easy it went for me. i hope and doa supaya Baby ni senang nak dilahirkan and dijaga, which I will do my best to take care of my lil princess..

The other day, got abit emotional.. what if...what if.. If I did not make it.. let my baby be safe, and whispered to his ears, please take a really good care of her. without realising it.. tears running down my cheeks..


Mrs Nageb said...

dun think negative ya..i pun sedih as i read ur last word jz now..i'll pray for u for all mommy to be too :)
Take care,btw,ur belly sangat gojes ok..u look sexy :)

p/s:so sweet la ur hubby,dpt bunge lagi.. :)

liyana the unreluctant bride said...

hello sue, came across yr blog just recently. seriously, not only do you make a beautiful bride, you make a beautiful mum too. good luck & insha Allah, everything will be alright.

ps: thank you for documenting yr wedding preps. i think i'd refer to them quite a lot. :)

cik senah said...

assalamualaikumm.. hai sue..

asalnya..cik senah nie..silent reader of your blog.. ermm.. nie baghu gatai tgn nak tinggai komen.. comeynyaaa sue semasa menjadi pengantin dan bakal menjadi ibu tidak lama lagikk..

semoga semuanya berjalan lancar yaa.. :) [aminnn]

Miss N said...

think positive k..
inshaAllah, everything will be fine~
All the best for u k dear~

p/s: love those baby bump!!!

Sha Pattinson said...

dear sue...
please be positive dear ..pray hard ..hopefully everything is done with smoothly ..insyaAllah ...everything is gonna b ok don't worry .. :)

please take care ok
your baby bump sangat comel ..end of this month i will see your sister ..i ader sewa lantern dekat dia :) ..
till than bye ..

Mrs Nageb said...

Sue,congrats dah dapat baby.....:) my hubby inform,dah tengok dah ur baby cute and adorable lah :)wah alhamdulillah,semuanya selamat,Amin.

whitelacetale.weddings said...

kejap gilekan, you're now a mommy wheee..congrats sue!!! :D