Monday, September 13, 2010

36 weeks..

alhamdullilah.. i am considered to reach the full term pregnancy at 36 weeks. today I am not working, ganti the raya day off that I am supposed to get last Friday. Starting tomorrow I will be doing the half days for two weeks, being 24th September my last day working and yeay, go for maternity leave for 6.5 months. So I am expected to back to work in April 2011. Well, I am also entitled to 16 additional weeks on top of the 6.5month paid leave..hopefully everything settled by April, no need the extra non paid 16 weeks. but I might want to spend more time with my baby..we'll see..

Why still working in September? I looked so sarat already, ramai asked why still working? I chose too. I thought of getting an earlier maternity leave, tapi since sakit haritu and being alone in the house, Sue sgt bored so I thought why not getting half days - at least I get to meet people, interact with people and jalan! yes, hope by moving a lot, it will help my labour process nanti..

My have minimal problems with my back pain nowadays, alhamdulillah. I have proved to improved a lot. At first, I have no confidence at all to go through normal labour and was thinking about to opt c-sec. But when things are getting better and I went to a few antenatal classes conducted by the hospital itself, I think, I can do it.. to go through the whole normal labour, and keep an open mind of having epidural. Will try not to take as there is a risk of getting it, with my historical of back pain. but the anesthetic have confirmed that it is safe for me to take the epidural.

I have been attending the free antenatal classes, and hubby has not joined any due to the timing of the classes.. the thing is , if nak pergi to the paid ones, will cost us eur170 which I think its quite a lot for hubby to get his info. it is so important for birth partner to know what to expect?

lately, belly selalu hardening but I dont know whether its Braxton Hicks, cuz only the upper part of the belly hardened from time to time, and I felt nothing happening on the lower part of the abdomen. Sue never experienced sakit period before this, so its hard for me to tell...I used to get the belly mengeras, but now it is more frequent and today, rasa a mild pain. I still have 4 weeks to my expected due date..we'll see if I labour earlier than that..

today, I just started to wash all baby's lil' mittens, booties and bibs. hopefully sempat to wash all her stuff..

Both of our parents won't be around because we think its better to save money, and we will be going back to Malaysia anyway, around Dec or an aunty will be coming to help me on the 1st October, so I hope baby can lepak in the belly first, until aunty sampai, cuz it will be really hard for Sue n Najib who never had any experience of handling the baby. Aunty pandai mengurut orang bersalin, hope she could help me and i wish to ikut the pantang really strictly, as I have put on weight too much.

Hope everything goes well. Doakan Sue and Baby ya..


Mrs Nageb said...

hope everything's ok :) amin

Dinda@Effa said...

Insya Allah, everything will go well. Amin.. Keep on praying yea? I wish you all the best, Sue!

dialicious said...

sue..i really thought u'll be coming bck here for labour but of coz its too impossible sbb dh sarat sgt kan...i wish u all d best!i will visit u wen ur back in update us ok!nk tgk pic sarat;)

sueanne sunshine said...

thank u dearest mrs.nageb, my husband kenal your hubby,

dinda effa, thanks !!

diah dear, nanti i post gambar i sarat k.. nanti u nampak is only the prot, hehe, tambahan raya ni, i makan lagi super byk. adoi..

Mrs Nageb said...

sue:most welcome darling :)
hubby u name ape eh :) hehe camner leh kenal my hubby ni :)

sueanne sunshine said...

your hubby MCKK ker dulu? tah, my hubby ckp nageb is his fren in MCKK. tah tah dia salah org...ish maluuu..sOWI

Mrs Nageb said...

sue:Yup hubby dulu MCKK..after browse ur previous entry i saw few budak2 MCKK @ koleq ni dlm ur pic..batch 9600 kan..hehe surely kenal punya :)sangat kecil ini dunia kan :)

sueanne sunshine said...

yeah! you got that right mrs nageb =)