Wednesday, August 19, 2009


for days now, balik kerja, usha Maldives. Its perfect for honeymoon, but too pricey. Lets not put too much hope. =(

I'll put down this as a wishlist.. just hope one day dream come true !
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diyanashukor said...

yer..suasana honeymoon yg syok..

Sha Pattinson said...

mula-mula plan nak pegi Maldives ..tapi pricey and jauh decide nak pegi krabi ..okay juga ..tgh survay2 nih ..

sueanne sunshine said...

diyana: yes! but i dont think its for my honeymoon, to go there at anytime,its my dream =)

Sha Pattinson: krabi dlm thailand eh? heard its so cantik jugak. ill have a look maybe join you! heheh..our wedding date sama kan? =)

Sha Pattinson said...

yes ..Krabi is in Thailand ..dekat dengan Phuket juga ..ha'ah memang cantik ..hahaha mare honeymoon ramai2 ..yiaa our wedding date sama ..hehehe but for my bertandang belah lelaki is 30 Jan 2010 hope u bole dtg kat KL juga ...

sueanne sunshine said...

sha :
ive checked out krabi. my friend suggested koh samui. mostly irish suka pegi thailand.. seriously lawa ok. i luuvv it.

sha, thanks for the invite, i luv to go..unfortunately sue dah balik dublin by 30th jan.

all the best,..

Starry Eyed said...

hi there, first time here.. perhaps as an option u can consider pulau mabul in sabah? heard theyre damn gorgeous and if im not mistaken theres a resort where the chalets are above waters as well (ala maldives sikit).. :)

::Ida:: said...

hi sue.
im actually a friend of ajib's friend. :P
anyways, just wanna share some info on maldives. yes. it is indeed a very beautiful country. the breathtaking crystal clear water. do visit my blog for some photos of maldives during my last visit there ;) (not for honeymoon btw. but for work :P)