Saturday, February 20, 2010

Majlis Kenduri 3.1.2010 & pre-prep

Last day- day 4 wedding, kenduri at my house - marhaban & just plain kenduri, no bersanding or any formal wedding setting. The food was prepared by UBE catering, love the teh tarik corner which also served cendol, and super-yummy ayam goreng yang dimasak on-site.

Make-up done by AyangKamel. Simpleness of the makeup my parents & aunties suka la. and i like it too..the attire was songket set rent from Saidatulnisa, Shah Alam.

Fotographer for the day is Ahmad Suhaimi and the swett gf tagged him along, shes one of the blogger too. nice to have her around during the kenduri... =)

to complete documenting my preparation on the wedding, here are some of the stuff that I arranged too..

1) wedding invitation card
sue ordered my invitation card from kadkahwinku. yes, of course nak pergi indon so that i get nicest n cheapest one, but time was limited for me, and also, got an advice from my sis in law..add the time, cost of going there, cost of shipping (especially) unless you have an alternative here - i really recommend to give kadkahwinku a try. i personally went to see puan Murni, the owner of the card shop, shes the sweetest..i got the best price, free sini, free sana, all ribbons, and even free banner - the large pink one i used at the hotel. the card that i ordered i was the first one to get it, so they even gave me privileged to name it - 'sweetheartku' - every card need to be named - n akhir with ku.. hehe. so if anyone need puan Murni's number, do email me.

2) gift - nikah - chinesse takeaway box (ole Ole Manis) with mini pies inside + custom made stickers.

3) gift - hotel - rose ball candles (ole -Ole Manis) last resort cuz could not think anything else which senang nak handle. but those candles are cute!

4) henna - miracles PJ - but the indian girl came to my house and buat kat my room.. at first she said rm50 (confirmed) then she changed her mind n charged me a bomb..why? oh some people kan!!.malas nak argue, bayar je lah..

5) furniture - all white theme in the room, ordered them from Kelantan...i know jauh kan..then sampai just right before 2 days before nikah day..but the kayu all made out of kayu chengal which are good wood. designs are replicate from furniture sue jumpa around Dublin...laura ashley like - english theme. but i am selling my kerusi off...mama said too many stuff in the room..especially 2 white chairs..
any buyers?

gone the days with weddings whut...? =)


Sha Pattinson said...

nice songket cantik yeaa..i masa wedding tade peluang lak nak pakai songket ..pasrah jerk T_T its a very nice color .. and yes much u jual kerusi tue?? lawa sangat2 english style :D just read your email ..thanks for replying ..

Anonymous said...

hi Sue,
do you like the finishing of ur custom made furniture? If you do, would mind sharing the supplier details? Thanks

white dress said...

hi sue.. i pinjam gamba songket u k!
nway.. cantik sgt2 u dgn songket tu... =)