Sunday, April 25, 2010

i miss blogging...

it feels weird to be blogging again. it has been ages! i used to wonder why once every bride dah habis wedding, then that was it..sometimes disappointed cuz their input sgt best and we want more..and then i know why. =) your life will definitely changed after the wedding, what matters most is about u n your partner.. but in my case, on top of that, we are expecting! i am 16 weeks pregnant! yea..bunting pelamin =) fast n furious kan..hehe.. alhamdullilah we are definitely blessed!

and i blame the hormones, i dun like laptops during my pregnancy,even tak suka tgk facebook, hence no updates on the blog. but i think things are picking up now, im towards my end first trimester, so i think dah ok skit kot. alhamdulilah, I dont really have morning sickness, so work at the office is like tip top,but i get sgt exhausted at night, so i sleep most of the time when i am at home. hubby called me 'princess sleep'. haha..but that was it. pening come and go, rarely vomit, so again, i am blessed. alhamdulillah....

we went for the first baby scanning, which was requested privately at week 13, as the real first scanning here will be done on 22nd week. lambat kan compared to malaysia. i dun even get my first checkup yet, which scheduled for my 18th week. so the scanning was done, merely cuz we want to know if the baby is ok, heartbeat semua and we didnt expect to see baby was quite big, fully formed, and baby was very active, keep kicking , so looks like jumping, jumping, waving.. sgt active, nurse asked, did you drink coke just now? NO, no way, coke is no way. hehe..
it was definitely love at first sight to see the baby. we are overwhelmed... happy..

so the expected date is 10.10.10, which is just an estimate. but if the baby is very very lucky and ada rezeki, thats the date =) doa kan sue + baby healthy and everything will go smoothly.
we decided to deliver baby here, as quite complicated nak balik malaysia before labour, but i think the best thing which sue look forward too is maternity leave full paid for 6.5 months. yup, more than half a year ML! sgt cool kan. my plan is to be in Malaysia most of that time, yeah!

i am lucky because 4 of my good friends are expecting this year, way to go 2010! i just discovered my dearest friend Dina ada blog about pregnancy, labour and baby, which i found it very very informative. I love her blog! so expecting mums.. this is one of the blog to follow... and you could tell her l0ve for Sophia Nadine, her beautiful baby girl by reading her words...i miss you Dina..wish I could hold Sophia..

Since wedding stuff seems old for me now (baru kawin 4 months!) but baby thingy is far more exciting,everything seems new, and such a wonderful i decided to sell most of my wedding stuff...for the next few coming posts..i will show the things to let go.. as i have new things to look for..!



Moose said...

congrats sue!

AmyMizzunderstood said...

wahh congrats sue!nampaknya kita mmg bunting pelamin!hahahaha...take a gud care ya!

BuTtErFlyInFraMe said...

congrats sue! sgt jeles dgn awak... dh 16weeks..

cuti about 6.5mths, fully paid sgt menerujakan! :P

Sha Pattinson said...

congratssss again ...padahal dah congrats kat email ..u such a lucky kan even we share wedding date ..i'm not so lucky like you ..take care okay can't wait to see more and more picture ..and the tips too .. hikss and wow!!! cuti 6.5 hah n fully paid this bertuah lagi hiks

-buah hati mama- said...

congrates nya ML kat sana 6.5mnths..

Dina said...

Sue, i'm pumping milk while bloghopping. u brought tears to my eyes. thanks for ur sweet words. i really thot u knew i had a blog. hehe. i miss u tooo! :)
i'm truly excited and ecstatic u're expecting, insyaAllah our babies will be the same age!
more important, i'm overjoyed u'll be getting 6.5 months paid leave after u deliver to take care of your precious. i would love to hav that but i guess my rezeki is elsewhere. alhamdulillah you getting it is more than good enough. soo sorry i couldn't talk when u called the other day :( will u be making a trip home before u deliver?
talk to you soon.
take care sweetie~ <3

dialicious said...

heyloooo!!i wanna see ur babybump!!take care dear miss u

Anonymous said...

I nak sewa laura asley nye butterfly lantern tuh boley?? my email is paper lantern kalo ade pon nak sewa sekali:P

Anyway, congratulations!!!

myra said...

sue!!! I'm soo jealous yet so happy for u, your due date is super cool, and 6.5 months paid maternity leave?? Malaysia still fighting for 90 days.. sigh. Its so good coz the best period for you to spend with your precious. But i heard nursery there is quite steep kan?

Nway.. Have visited Sophia and Armand, Farah send a few of Aryssa's pictures as well, all beautiful babies. alhamdullilah, cant wait to see urs!

Since leaving EY i now too have the luxury of blog hopping and creating blogs for my self and lulu. and i'm a big fan of dina's blog too, inspired by her words and love for her baby.

nway, take care dear.. hope u n baby are doing well. nanti we can continue our emailing k? not just about adi's wedding but about ur pregnancy too k? muah love!! muahh

sueanne sunshine said...

thank u all of you!

Diah: baby bump dah ader!! baru 4 months..nanti sue take a lot of photos k! mish u!

Dina: unfortunately not coming home before baby delivered. im missing home so badly now, thinking that last year i went home 3 times but not this year. but insyaAllah if everything goes well, maybe nov-dec, ill be home. baby Sophia mesti dah big that time. ahh comel cant wait to see her! and yes, our baby born the same year. =) just like apa kiter citer citer dulu kan.. =) kish kish baby Sophia for me. much luv.muahs

Myra: hello sayang..yes you are absolutely right, nursery for baby here sgt unbelievable mahal, same price to get mortgage. yes, that expensive! so theres pros and cons of having a baby here.
alternative is - to get helper from malaysia. mostly this is what married couple with babies kat sini buat. which is our plan too, so when im home after baby delivered, sue will search for one.. really hope to get the right one!
myra, last night sue mimpi Lulu, sgt comel and sgt stylo like her gorgeous mother! Sgt best Myra got to see Sophia, Armand...Hows Aliaa doing?
Myra, I am definitely will opt for breastfeeding..thank you for the advises. Myra is truly a super-mom. absolutely for others to aim to be like...! keep give us all the good tips k myra. much love!

MyRule said...

Wow..6.5 mnths for Ml...lalalala...sgt syok..


and the due it.. mine on 19/10..:p

Ole-Ole Manis said...

Tahniah sue.. Mesti Baby Bump u comel giler. Take care babe.. :) Btw, ur new haircut cute sgt macam umur 18 tahun. ;p