Thursday, October 6, 2011

Adriana's 1st birthday - my Bumblebee

this was the e-invitation for Adriana's 1st bday - my lil bro created it. The venue was at Ambassor's house, which was a huge house with a garden to rent the bouncing castle for the kids to play, unfortunately weather was not with our side that day, it was raining heavily the bouncing castle filled up with water. The thing is actually bentuk horses carrousel, so cantik, but takde rezeki for the kids to play..

Sue d.i.y'ed Adriana's bday party decor myself..Bumblebee inspired bday theme. Yellow & black colours, so vibrant and happy kan? I took a day off from office to buat the banner, Semangat kan? I love to do all these stuffs. The bee boopers/headbands I buat sendiri jugak every weekend, got the headbands, the craft balls and straw fillers from the 2 euro shop. Glad I can find these stuffs to make these.
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The goodie bags and stuffs to be transferred to the venue.

At the event
The plates, cutleries,bee tablecloth and Bee Pinatas, I ordered from the U.S. semangat kan? I nak order in the U.K but they are much more expensive n less options.
The bday Cake, Bees cupcakes and Lollies
We got face painting on the day,games:- Pinatas, Music Chair, blowing bubbles,Best Dressed Boy&Girl, Bouncing Castles

Some of her pressies from her bday, really thankful cuz we didn't buy her toys..alhamdullilah. Adriana loves them all.

Adriana first steps are 3 days before her bday! =) and I was with her at the time.

We had a great time at the birthday can't wait for her next bday =))

Happy Birthday my little sweetheart