Wednesday, July 2, 2014

2014.. After so many back!!!

Hi. After so long I wanted to blog again..and then I found out that I forgot the password and couldn't even remember the phone number I have used to set up the account. But hey I'm finally here again.

There are so many things have changed or let's say things have moved on since my last post..
Currently I'm in Malaysia (yeay!) and berpuasa di bulan mulia Ramadhan ini. I will be here for Raya (finally! After 11 years raya abroad) but will going back to Canada. Yes- we moved from Dublin,Ireland after 10 years there and decided we had enough with Europe so we moved to Halifax, Canada last year 2013. I'm on maternity leave now for a year after giving birth to my Amanda Nasreen, our second sweetheart.. So decided to spend a bit of time with family and friends here in Malaysia.

During my maternity leave, I manage to set up an online shop through Instagram so please feel free to browse or even better shop with me :). The username is xoxomybaby. Got a few customers that was able to recognise me from the online shop, so great spot on! Was glad they did!

Ok selamat berpuasa and will post up a few of Amanda's photos.. Yea she resembles her sister a lot ;)


dialicious said...

heya..miss u darl!nampak rushing menaip tu hhahaha
ivealways wanted to b bck but dunno when

Unknown said...

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aarongrey112 said...

Hi, can I contact you through your email? I've something to share that might interest you.


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