Wednesday, October 20, 2010

my story : breastfeeding

being able to breastfeed my baby , the feelings are miracle. kudos to Bunda Myra, always share her info about breastfeeding n related to bf. Since being exposed and being educated about the importance of bf, I aimed to bf exclusively to my baby since day 1 I found out I was pregnant..

Yes, the first few days trying to breastfeed, it was quite hard, but I think my experience wasn't too bad. I started using Lansinoh cream applied when I entered my last 6 weeks to my expected date. Sue started early so that the sensitive part dah softened by the time dah ready to lacting and avoid nipple berdarah and sakit.

The first few hours holding Adriana, nurse tried to lacting tapi she sibuk nak tido, so she put Adriana on my dada, and I was soo tired anyway after long hours of laboring. I feel like mummy kangaroo at that time. Skin to skin mummy n baby can help the lacting process.

First few days, it was like breastfeeding baby with empty boobies. but the colostrum, the first few drops are enough for the baby as the baby's tummy is very small.

Unlike in Malaysia, hospital private ada bilik sendiri and nurse take care baby you kan, while u rest , sini, baby is all the time with you. I have to do everything myself, the nurses akan show you only the first time nak breastfeed her, tukar nappy, mandi kan baby n stuff. Dah la tgh sakit and too tired, but I have to manage everything myself, nasib baik tak broke down...

Day 3, I didnt produced a lot of milk yet for Adriana, so we had to top up supplement milk for her. As I want to bf exclusively sgt to her, I wasnt happy to use supplement, tapi takkan nak let Adriana hungry kan. but after taking advices, Sue actually use both - breastfeeding and bottle, just because I know someday I will need to get back to the office. My sis in law bf her daugther exclusively until the baby got too smart, and tanak bottle langsung, which she said very susah one if wanna go shopping n keluar...

Hence, Adriana is feeding through bottles and bf. I wish not to have her minum supplement too much, but I havent managed to express milk yang berbottle bottle dlm fridge. I took Fanugreek (GNC brand) , herbs that could boost the milk production, they are in pills,so no problem to have them but really I envy mothers who can express their milk byk byk. I wish I can reach to that as well soon.

I am using the Medela Freestyle to express the milk, which was so convenient to express both breasts at once cuz I found that if express one side, the other side tend to kluar byk jugak. i just love the Medela FS - nuff said.

My aim is to breastfeed my little girl up to she is 2 years old. I hope I am able to..insyaAllah..


Dina said...

i know u can!
keep it up Mummy
don't let the supplement bug u
it's okay if u have to
dont feel guilty
move on and try lagi bykkan susu k
pump je byk2
every 2 hours
even after baby dah menyusu and breasts are empty
that's the best time to stimulate and demand more milk fr ur body
pretty soon u wont hav to top up with formula
believe in urself! I do! :)

`BaHa` said...

same here.. i usually get 20-40ml from both sides. rarely get more than that. so that i supplement my baby with formula, but he's smart enough to choose his mommy's milk instead! sometimes i have less milk, he couldnt sleep then we have to top up with formula. he started very well with bottlefed, now he is choosy huhu