Sunday, October 10, 2010

my story : labor for my lil'princess

*please be advised, this post is quite detailed and long, I recorded the experience because I realised I slowly began to forget them*

Wednesday, 22nd September - 37 weeks

I found spots of water on the bed, curious, but waited to monitor during the day. Nothing.

Thursday, 23rd September
Checkup at the hospital, told the midwife of the watery spots. She quickly asked me to put off my tights, she then masukkan this thingy- big vibrator like (sory i dun no how else to describe! ) in my vagina. shoot! sakit gler, I actually traumatised sekejap the whole day, terbayang bayang how she did it. Then, terfikir, how la nak bersalin like this if nak check pun tramautised! Bleeding for few days.. The midwife cakap your waterbag is still intact, but your cervical dah start buka..
ok, I was not worried anymore.

so the whole one week, I woke up with watery spots on my bed. told my mum, she said, oh you inherited your grandma, she had the same, where she said lagi banyak air keluar, lagi senang nak bersalin. my Grandma had 9 children.. Sue pun hopeful for an easy delivery...

Thursday, 30th September (38weeks)
Was doing cleaning and kemas cupboard kitchen, then suddenly water turun banyak but not like a big gush.Worried. So collected the sample of the water. Called hubby, then he quickly came back from the office. It was 12 o'clock in the afternoon when it happened.But I was not I continued kemas rumah, until I was satisfied, we went to the hospital malam tu.

Midwife checked baby heartbeat using the machine, baby was ok. Then I showed them the water sample, they said confirmed, it was from the waterbag. But no contractions. Midwife said to come tomorrow morning for inducement.

Friday, 1st October ( hoping to have baby birthdate 1st October - same to her granpa )
Morning, calmly went to the hospital at 9am, then waited for a few hours for the waiting room. At 11.30 am dpt bed, at 12 o'clock, Doctor broke the waterbag - thought it will be painful, but it was not. The doctor used the lidi like and inserted dlm vagina, but it was ok. Yang sakit was the tube pasangkan kat my right hand. I was given antibiotics for the baby through the tubes into my veins,cuz fear of getting infections.

Still wondered, mcam mana rasa contractions..? Dalam waiting room, ada 8 beds, so at times heard org menahan contractions. Why I didn't feel it, wish I can get it through and over with a.s.a.p.

1pm ++, the contractions started, it was like having a braxton hicks which I had them a few weeks before already, mengeras kat upper belly and also, sakit sakit kat lower abdomen. My water semakin banyak, gushing out like a river, the nurses selalu kena tukar the piece of cloth yg avoid the bed basah.. at first, contractions are mild one until 4pm ++, tried main scrabble with hubby while awaited for the stronger ones.

4pm ++ Alright, the contractions was getting stronger and 5 mins apart. Tak boleh concentrate Scrabble. Done with the game. Time for TENS machine, Hubby pasangkan the machine, guna level 1. Started baca baca Ayat suci Al-Quran.. yes, it was painful..applied correct breathing technique. Soon after I realised, I was actually dah bunyi sama ngan org org yang I slalu wondered sakit ke contractions, sbb breathing kuat sikit from normal...puhh puuhh...

The pain just consumed your energy, tried to jalan jalan, mmg slow and tertunduk tunduk tahan contractions. Regret pulak rasa tak sabar nak contractions cepat cepat, now wish it could stop, but instead of that, it came closer and closer and stronger. TENs machine still at level 1 but 5th stage. More than that mcam electric gigit kulit, tanak lah. Still have Level 2 and Level 3, however I wish not to use those levels.. Poor Hubby was controlling the machine, I was like, ok now, ok tukar, ok up level. Kesian dia. I could not control the machine myself, as I could not focused.

10pm ++ It was already 9 hours of contractions, midwife checked the cervix - 1 cm. Alhamdullilah happy nya- Im in 'labor'.

Hubby quickly kemas kemas getting ready to go to labor ward. On the way to labor ward, jalan two steps,contractions, ya Allah, mmg sakit...

11pm++ In the labor ward. Midwife tanya 'which pain relief that you wish to have - do you want an epidural?' without a second thought, YES, please. I was already 10 hours of having contraction and dah lemah, I really needed 'Hapi'dural to go on...

Saturday, 2nd October
12am ++ Epidural Procedural , at the same time, got a lot of 'high gas' ! Contractions was so damn painful, epidural procedure tak rasa sakit pun! I was actually shocked bila the anestetic dr. tu said, 'ok its done!'

Soon after that when the pain relief dah started to kick in, Sue terus tidur! Hubby balik rumah to cleaned up and rest a bit.

2pm ++ Midwife - Michelle checked cervix opening - shocked! still at 1cm since the last 4 hours, I was totally shattered. I need 10cm! How many hours to go?

I was put on Oxytoxin, hormones to make the contractions stronger. 2 packs of 1000ml through my veins. The contractions are so strong, even with epidural, I was actually menahan sakit. Worried my epidural dah habis to kick in sbb I can't stand the pain at my back, asked the midwife normally how long epidural lasted sbb after few hours, I felt the pain. I want more, luckily ada booster for epidural, I just need to push the button, the epidural will be top up in every 15 mins. At the same time, I took gas! A lot of them...Yes I know, I am very low tolerance in managing pain..

I tried baca Surah Mariam..Slowly, one by one baca ayat suci Al-Quran..hoping I am 10 cm dilated.

Asked the midwife, when can I expect her to check my cervix again - oh normally when put on Oxytoxin, it will be the next 5 hours. Ya Allah, tolong la hambamu ini...

While waiting and battling pains, Hubby was very supportive eventhough I knew he was already tired. The room next door, I can hear the mommies pushing2. Ada yang shouting like crazi, if dgr, mmg everyone will go, oh god, can I do the pushing?mmg saiko! Sbb we have agama to say why we have to go through all that, tak perlu menjerit jerit walaupun sakit yg teramat. Omputih kesah apa, all out ok! SOmehow mmg give negative thoughts to me, takut n saiko sgt dah nak push...

5pm++ Michelle came and checked my cervix, I was really hoping to hear - ok you are 10cm dilated- macam dgr results exam keluar, you wanted it sooo much to hear the good news.. Alhamdullilah, I was 10 cm dilated. from 1 cm and the next 10 cm was like miracle...Hubby asked, when can we expect to push - Michelle said' in two hours' try to rest as much as you can. tutup lampu, we tried to sleep.

6am++ Michelle came ' wakey wakey..time for baby' We thought we have to be wheeled to a different room, tapi tak, pushing was done in the same room. So every contraction came, pushing started. As I was on epidural, I could not focus to push. I was quite crap in pushing, most of the energy went to the face, bukan down below. For 1 and half hours, doctor said I have to be assisted with vacuum, cuz normally pushing max for 20 mins, and I was extremely penat and out of breath.
Battling with breath, pain, anxiety, tiredness..within 1 hour my face became like balloon, my mata nak tercabut je sbb doctor said jangan tutup face kluar spots...pushing kuat sgt, the pressure sgt kuat, my pores on the face pun arteri dalam my eyes pun pecah, merah berdarah in the eyes.

Within second, the room dah filled with 6 ke 7 people tried to help me to push. Doctor said ' I have to perform epiosiotomy ( potong bawah ) - to avoid tear. At that time, Sue berserah je, do whatever you want.

at 8:20am, my little princess, Adriana Sofea was born.

Doctor put her on my chest, I wanted to say ' hello baby ' tapi jadi, baby .. baby.. je..cuz I think I was in another alam already..Doctor performed the jahit for 30 mins. I know most of people said, jahit was the worst part, but cuz the epidural, I felt nothing... Then everything is done.

This is my story how I delivered my first princess to the world.. I am amazed for mothers to go through labor without epidural, for those yang went through 24hours labor, but no pain relief. Ya Allah, Solehah kan lah anak perempuan ku, selamat kan la dia setiap masa... She is just soo precious..

I am feeling the miracle of being a mother - syukur syukur, for the miracle..


sweet cravings said...

Congratulations Sue!

She's beautiful. Am waiting for my baby to come out. tak tahu la how its gonna be. Anyway, all the best for you & happy motherhood- always. take care dear. :)

lil sharky said...

congrats dear and alhamdulillah selamat semuanya. be extra careful during confinement especially ur back.

Leeyana said...

hai congrats!...

ur little princess was super duper cute!..drop my tears when read ur n3 on how u deliver ur adriana sofea..

enjoy ur life with da new miracle from Allah to u... =)

i am Rinie said...

hi sue. congrats! n happy confinement. nways, was reading ur post, n u look so familiar to me. so i scrolled down n i saw ur W photos. thn i remembered that i went to ur W(at that tme i was pregnant with my eldest son) :) n now u r a mom!

bout the jubah,well, bot it in jkt. my cousin's friend made it. so i ordered it thru her. sorry dear. but in case in future i want to order again, will let u know.

ummi said...

hello baby!
congratulations on ur beautiful baby girl...take care dear..

silent reader,
mas :)

sueanne sunshine said...

thank you all loads for the wishes!

sweet cravings..u'll be alright. doa byk2 ok for safe delivery baby n u...
wish u all the best!

lil sharky - a ah sue went for normal delivery. Alhamdullilah so far so good, hopefully no complication in future relating to my r u anyway?

Leeyana..yes, def enjoying the miracle Allah berikan ni. i could not ask for more.. im so blessed. syukur alhamdullilah..

rinie: yes dear, you came to my wedding, which was 9 months ago. You were preggy Dayyan at the time, still remembered how glowing u looked that night!
the jubah so nice, i like it! sayang kat jakarta, if kat KL can go n buy kan? thx anyway for sharing!

ummi! thanks =)

yana said...

kak sueeee..alhamdulillah..ohmgeee..
chomelss sgt kots..congrats tao..she's so cute...insyaAllah..she'll be solehah..=)

Nadya said...

hye sue..bloghopping and want to congratulate u on the arrival of ur super adorable baby girl..she's sooooo cute.geram tgk..rambut lebat lg..huhu no wonder kene jahit 30 mins.3.5kg baby with normal delivery.i yg 3.1kg pun cam nak mati teran..huhu and yes i was induced and without epi..rase mcm dat was the 1st n the last time nak beranak haha but now its diff story la..hehe welcome to mommyhood and all the best!

f.i.e.z.a said...

congrats sue.u may not know me yet cos salu tak komen tp baca je hehe

comelnya baby.semoga menjadi anak solehah.amin. :)


Mizz Anna said...

hye sue...
i am a silent reader of ur blog.glad to know that u already safely delivered ur preciuous baby..
i'm just wondering, masa doc potong'bawah' tu,sakit tak?
i'm contemplating between giving birth naturally or c-section?baca cerita u, i jd seram plak.
anyway, have a beautiful life ahead with ur family..perhaps with more beautiful babies :)

sueanne sunshine said...

mizz anna: i actually cant help it but to make my labor story sounds so gory kan n menakutkan. sorry!! but actually it feels natural when you are in that situation. and tuhan Maha mengasihi, right now honestly, i mcam could not recall rasa sakit tu, macam dah lupa. and so forgetful now small simple things pun lupa.hehe..

i was on epidural so potong bwah or jahit or whatsoever tak rasa. that was why Adriana had to be assisted with vacuum sbb i could not feel anything, xcept rasa pressure tu ada la.

sorry if my post, mcam mengundang org to use epidural..sorry! but try to be as normal as you can. if dpt tahan rasa sakit, try not to use epidural, terhapus dosa dosa lalu tau when u rasa the real sakit bersalin.

oh dear, after i went through normal ni, i bersyukur giler I tak c-sec. cuz by day 15 bersalin normal, the jahit semua dah heal, and u can berurut to get back to shape!

if c-sec, mmg la quick way and skip the contraction part if you schedule for one, but the 3rd month baru u boleh berurut anyway, the sakit csec org kata lama nak sembuh, u nak kena angkat baby semua sakit. so if i were u, try not to think about csec, unless dah tersurat u nak kena csec bcuz complication cannot avoid.

Doalah supaya di senang kan segalanya...

all the best!

dell @ Marryme said...

hi sue

been a silent reader now rasa mcm nak komen. i delivered my baby boy on 20/10/2010 baru ni, normal delivery and without epidural. im as petite as you and my baby weigh 3.25kg. and yours was bigger!

actually i wanted to get epi but i cudnt, my platelet count was too low, doc said kalau amik i might be paralysed. so i had no options but to take laughing gas and some kind of jab to ease the pain. i rasa sakit gila sbb i had to be induced due to my health/blood condition. mmg sakit tak terkata, tapi you are right, sakit tu semua hilang bila tgk baby kan? :)

anyways yr adriana's soooooo cute like her mommy :) congrats on the newborn and welcome to mommyhood :D

Overseaspharm said...

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ct najia said...

dear sue,
terharu nyer baca kisah sue nak lahirkan adriana...
huhuhu...teringat keadaan jia mase nak deliver zara.. Hanya Dia aje lah yg tahu bertapa perih dan 1st nak mintak epidural sbb dah xtahan contraction, tapi tgk2 dah 8cm, dah xsempat nak inject...ahahah...terus doc suwh push...alhamdulillah dlm sejam kuar laa cik zara 3.34kg...=)
tapi hilang sume sakit tu bile tgk baby sehat...syukur dpt lahir normal..tapi if nak 2nd one, pk byk kali kot...not ready yet...hahaha....

suke tgk adriana...she is so adorable and bijak...bile mummy dier bagi sign je dier dah faham.. seronok kan tgk ragam dak kecit nih..hilang letih bile dier gelak...ahahha...=)