Saturday, July 3, 2010


Today I'll be waving goodbye to my dearest friend, Darina, she's going back to Malaysia for good. She is my closest friend I ever had, we've known for years..since our boarding school MRSM 1998..We lived together as housemates in KL when we did our Diploma, housemates since day 1 in Dublin back in 2004 until 2008...we tido, makan, study, masak, chuckles, holiday, shopping, everything together..we basically grew up together since we first met. I can't thank her enough for all the memories together.. I had a really good time..

Dublin will definitely be quiet for me when she's gone.. definitely will miss her loads. I hope time will fly fast, and she will be here (UK) again and we can meet again..

Hope this beautiful friendship remains... good luck Dot in Malaysia.. keep in touch my dearest friend..


wish i can post the photos we got from mrsm days - wearing jubah n tudung we went to redang for snorkeling, and all the younger days.. but my hard drive is at home malaysia.. =(


amElyn said...
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Darina said...

Oh Shue! Thanks for the lovely post! Thanks for everything! Hope our friendship will remain. U take care. Can't wait to see u soon ! Love u and miss u :(

sueanne sunshine said...

doottt! hows malaysia treatin u dear..? i mish u. wikens sooo boring here..we had chicken wings at iskander, first time! niceee.. tapi im sure kat malaysia foods are superbly nicer! take doottt muahhh muahhs