Saturday, July 17, 2010

two trimesters down, one to go - 27th week

so babycenter reminded me that I am now on my 27th week. Alhamdulilah first and second trimester went smooth. sgt syukur...well this is the summary for my first and second trimester and how it has been for all 27 weeks being pregnant..

we found out that 'we' are pregnant on my week 6.5. I was confused with my body changes I thought due to my back pain - the severe lumbar instability I had after the wedding which Sue kena naik wheelchair masa honeymoon! yes, it was so serious, the doctor had advised me try not to get pregnant, cuz my back not that strong..give it a year he said. but Allah Maha Mengetahui apa yg terbaik dan Maha Kaya, rezeki to us, I'm pregnant soon after the wedding, or we called it Bunting Pelamin. =) The doctor confirmed the pregnancy and the expected due date 10.10.10

Of course we are delighted! During my first trimester, I have no morning sickness, I rarely threw up..only at times when office too busy..or when I am extremely tired. All I need to do was to make sure I ate something masa makan n not to skip any meals. Pening only come and go and that was it. Sometimes I felt like so normal I forgot I was pregnant! I performed like normal at the office, I think I had only 1 sick leave. My hormones tak suka lap top, telefon, tv or any technology stuff..nasib baik boleh operate PC kat office. I bought an Iphone during that time, I did not even register or upload any application until the phone was lost , i think i had it for 3 months- if org jumpa phone tu like having a brand new phone! adoi.what a waste. Blog tak update. FB tak bukak. agak kronik..hehe..
Also, I can't have lamb, which before pregnant, lamb kebab or lamb chop are my favs! tak tahan bau. other than that, Sue tak alergic apa apa.. maybe weakness part laundry. Hubby settled that part, but I still have my baju boxes not terlipat! adoi.
Oh, but Sue always tido when I get the chance to, balik office, washup n dinner, I went to bed so early like before 9pm. on weekends, I just snuggled myself in the selimut the whole day! i blame the was winter/spring, so it was quite chilled. Hubby called me 'Princess Sleep' sbb tido all the time..
At the office, I was relieved that the office work was manageable even with the extra work on the audit. being an Account Manager giving a bit disadvantage to team mates, I was a bit garang and selalu onto this my team mate yang agak slow n kurang pandai bekerja. bila think about it again, kesian pulak dia selalu kena marah. as soon as I realised that I was too hard on him, so I tried not to have him do stuff yg dia susah nak pick up, and I dont have to waste my time n energy for the negative stuff kan. always think positive!
We had our first scan on week 13th, that was privately done sbb we were informed the hospital only carry out the scan on week 20th. Lambat sgt. We just want to know if baby is OK, that there is heartbeat, it was a beautiful experience, to see your lil baby of yours. I can described it as my miracle moment =)
1st checkup week 15th - 52 Kgs. normal weight Sue pernah paling berat 50kgs. + 2 kgs..hmm acceptable.
On week 16th, 17th, we went for our honeymoon in NY,LA and Las Vegas. I think I had eaten so much that my bump is already showing. and I felt the first baby kick in NY. that was at the end of week 17th. Of course excited because it was my first time. I was holding my tummy all the time so that I can feel the kicks. hubby lagi excited! my love for the lil one in my tummy grew even more, its like the baby is communicating with you!
so that was my 1st Trimester. Im glad it went smooth as I had hoped!

2nd checkup week 25th - 58Kgs. up by 6kgs! ouch.. and my belly sgt besar I looked like 7 months pregnant lady. So I asked my mum if she had a big belly while she was pregnant..then I know why! its in the genes!
During the 2nd trimester, I was always in my happy mood.So I agree with ppl yang ckp the 2nd trimester is the best time during pregnancy. I was active, buat chores rumah like normal and I am so into cooking. I love to cook sgt that I cooked everyday. oh the baby loves Malaysian cooking - dislike Indian foods and no no to Chinesse foods. If possible, home cooked meal. Lunch bawa bekal to office sbb can only makan nasik, no appetite for sandwiches!
Baby kicks lagi banyak sometimes I rasa like she was dancing ke apa..tak perlu put hands on tummy, tummy akan bergerak gerak..mmg best!
Sue dah no more tido and penat like in the first trimester, the feelings was totally different! Weekend we started to look for baby stuff. Usha usha belajar apa stuff needs to buy. Then from usha usha I became obsessive to shop baby stuff. especially when the doctor said it is a baby girl that I am carrying. Lagi la all the cute pink stuff and pretty dresses. Learned that sgt banyak barang baby we have to buy..kena budget kena budget!! betul ppl said, once you r pregnant and have a child, you put yourself second. I dont feel like buying anything for myself, everything is for the baby now..
anyhow..Second trimester was great! =)

Third trimester, back pain started to kicks in. and I walked so slow like a penguin. I had to wear a support piece of cloth that my physio gave me, to support the belly. Syukur I had no trouble sleeping. We bought the support pillow Dream Genii, which was quite expensive for a pillow but I think the pillow do its justice, we bought it quite early during mid term 2nd trimester knowing I would need it anyway. Alhamdullilah, I think semua ok the fact that the doctor had advised me not to get pregnant in the first place, I thought my pregnancy would be a nightmare. Baby has been good to me, Sue not yet mengidam pelik pelik hopefully no such thing. Ada la teringat foods in Malaysia, but I still can managed not to have it. or if possible to masak, google resepi. About my back pain, sitting down at the office is the worse of all, I had two spikey ball, which if rasa sakit belakang, I rolled these balls against the chair with my back. Nasib baik they are small,spikey and yellow- yup they are cute. as least released the tensed sakit belakang. Im just worried that later dekat 8 or 9 bulan, I think my back pain will be much severe.
I think of getting an earlier release from the office. Normally 2 weeks before due date which is the 24th Sept will be my expected last day office before the 6 months maternity leave. But I think I will use all my outstanding annual leave for the year and extra leave due to my back pain, so looking for 1st Sept release date. fingers crossed..takut nak ckp to my VP about this.

Sorry for the long post. I really hope from now on to delivery day will be smooth sailing as well..
I also want to say my gratitude to my husband who has helped me during these times, all the chores you did, looking after me, back rub massages when I really need it and say that I still looks pretty even I am huge n gemuk. thank you Cyang..



-:monalisacrv:- said...

ur hubby sangat betul.. u still and always pretty ma.. but the words came from his mouth, and heart more meaningful..eheheh..Chubby tuh comel.. Huge or fat for 9 months only, Sue.. Hopes everything will be okay for u, babe. I think, time preggy la kita nak makan byk2 right?So rugi tak makan byk2..;)

dialicious said...

hey sue..miss u!great to hear fr u again..esp dat ur doing fine.well my 1st trim mmg betol2 mcm biasa..xpenah muntah n bole lepak rasta til 11am pon..cuma betol.kuat tido!huhuhu..sue u xgemokla yang..only ur tummy is extra big but u look really sexy me..u shud always get preggy!hahahah
wah..dh jadi manager ke skrg!congrats dear
u take care...bersalin malaysia or sana?

Ole-Ole Manis said...

Sue, hopefully everything goin smooth for u n ur baby. ;) siyesly u look super cute tau da pregnant nih. tak gemuk pun. still in shape tau.

Take care Princess Sleep. :p

Lea Shmea said...

u dont look gemuk at all! a glowing mommy to be is more like it. take care and hope everything goes well till the end! :)

sueanne sunshine said...

monalisacrv: thank u dear.yes bila lagi appetite to foods was never like this. n i enjoyed it. but i note to myself...plss la pantang strictly. i just hope i can be that discipline. wish me luck!

dialicious: hello dear!miss u tooo! ahh best nya nitelife malaysia.24/7 access to foods..! yup i think u type preggy senang im sure..but everyday is a new thing to discover kan. best kan? enjoy dear..
manager? oh i became manager since june2008 but oh still so many to learn especially when dealing with ppl.
sue labour kat dublin ni cuz i cant naik plane dah.. =( malaysia tech lagi canggih n better. i sign up for public hospital je sbb if private pun hospital buruk n same level of service but higher charges. i nak labour kt malaysia =( especially my mum cant be here. i takottt..

nad ole ole manis: thank u dear..ur turn next? =)

lea shmea: thank u dear. i really hope im all glowww glowwiingg..!