Tuesday, July 6, 2010

on behalf of Syomir Izwa

dear brides to be..Syomir Izwa, the wedding designer has lost his phone and unfortunately lost all the clients' numbers. so on his behalf, he would like to say his regret if he could not be contacted and missed appointments. His phone number will be sorted soon, hopefully today, pls email him tru his FB, or alternatively email him at

ok girls..good luck for the preparations..



Anonymous said...

Hello Sueanne,

Lovely blog you have here... good read too.. =) I stumble across your blog from whitelace tale while searching for some wedding tips.. hope u don't mind me reading ure blog post because your wedding looks so magical and i wish to have one like that too.

I'm from Brunei and is planning to have a smooth sailing wedding next year InsyAllah. Due to limited resources here in Brunei i had to search for options on the preparations elsewhere i.e malaysia.

By the way, Congratulations on your pregnancy.

sueanne sunshine said...

hello anonymous.. thank you for the compliments! ahh im sure yours will be so much magical and grande' than my wedding. enjoy the preparation..cuz i think that is one of best bit apart being married to your love of your life..

i love everything bout weddings..n i still even browse through blogs and stuff about weddings.. but i think my focus is now more towards pregnancy and baby stuff. i have zero knowledge about babies before this, so its like learning another chapter.

so i think in the next posts on this blog will be about being pregnant n babies..sorry i cant relate myself to weddings anymore i think my time is up for that.

anyhow. enjoy n cherish every moment u have for your wedding.. it will be for a lifetime..