Friday, November 12, 2010

All About Adriana : Baby's Room

her room bunny n teddy theme..

her dresser from ikea

on the dresser, pressies from friends

small railing fits for baby, toddler from

baby box, where it comes handy, we put all baby toiletries, powder n oils in it
mama put the stickers together.mama is very artistic,isn't it..haha

its where we put the clothes for laundry

the room thermometer

oh so princessy..from Laura Ashley

cot mobile from mamas & papas

the softest bunny out there from Laura Ashley

teddy pockets with teddies inside, the actual purpose is to put all the mittens n bibs, but for now teddies pun cute! n the teddy mat..

oh don't forget the lamp!

and last but not least, Baby Adriana in the sleeping bag with Papa



Izrin said...

aww..she is such a lucky girl :)

nora said...

hai u, actually im one of ur silence reader, tapi tu dulu skang tak lagi cuz i dah ade blog(br buat hari sabtu aritu hehehe). btw nak g tau yg i dah follow & link u tau. hope u sudi follow & link me back ya

Sha Pattinson said...

so cute!!!! love those bunny mcm dalam crita alice in the wonderland :) love all the baby's room

Little BlueBird said...

OMG..what a nice room....!!