Thursday, November 18, 2010

my story : confinement

Finally, I am done with the 44 days of confinement. so quick kan? time flies when you are having fun! Yes, fun I mean by I was not expected to do any kind of work or chores, and get extra special treatments, oh feeling like a princess ( cehh ). Special treatments here are:-

Shower: Being prepared hot boiled flowery and daun-daun yg wangi for the first 20 days in the morning for showering. So refreshing..I felt better every each day..

Massage: Got massage treatment from top to toe everyday for 30 days. The oil she used for urut Sue dah la wangi, some kind of sunflower oil, very nice smell. My hubby every day balik kerja said I look glowing.. b'cuz when you get massaged, blood flow bagus throughout your body system, so it shows!

Barut & Stockings: I think most people rasa uncomfortable being barut n to wear socks all the time. But for me, I love to be barut because I can actually see the difference on my belly dah kecik every each day, and I felt so secured and looks slimmer at that time! Socks issue ok cuz its Autumn now anyway, sejuk!!

Yes, I put and ikat my rambut very high n ketat.its for the blood flow..

Supplement Pantang/Set pantang : Nona roguy set had the best reviews of all the pantang set available in the market, from my research lah. So I bought the set which cost me rm360. However, the set Sue tak tersentuh langsung cuz my Nenek already made her best potion for the ubat ubat n oitment, which I found very bagus. The stitches wound cepat je heal with my nenek's ubat. So Sue nak sell my Nona Roguy set (new n bottles unopened) which also comes with bengkung for so much less of the full price. please email me if interested..

Foods: well, this part tak pantang sgt. Reason being Sue BF Adriana, but I refrained myself from air sejuk, seafood - udang,sotong, eggs but other than that, makan like pun pizza lah. I wish to pantang betul betul on foods, but since Sue bukannya ada option but to eat apa yang ada. Maybe if I am in malaysia, and so many people can actually look after me. boleh la demand the right ikan and the right food to eat or not to eat. =( but my appetite dah less,not like when I was pregnant.oh thank God for that..

Mak Long :Neither of our parents are here for baby delivery or pantang - sgt sedih actually, so Najib's aunt came to help me, she is a professional pengurut, she works full time as a masseuse. Sangat thankful to have her at this time. She bukan saja dtg to help urut, but she cooked, and even sampai lipat kain. Sangat caring sayang sgt Adriana.. She was so good urut I lost a lot of kgs, smaller tummy, feeling better everyday..

if anyone is looking for orang urut bersalin or urut normal, or having problem with breastfeeding, where the milk glad dah stuck, or we call it bengkak susu, she can sort that out. I really would like to recommend her. Her name is Faridah, I call her 'mak long'. So anyone is interested to have mak long for urut untuk biasa biasa pun best..please email me at she lives in Kepong, and she can dtg to your place (around Selangor and KL).

Mak Long's number : 016 3807991

So from here I can conclude my pantang only took the pros' n happy happy part not cons' part patutlah FUN. I even heard ada pantang so strict, cannot even mandi, reading, or tgk TV. oh that would be very hard. Sue kluar a few times during pantang...bawa aunty jalan jalan. but that was after day 20, so it wasn't that bad, cuz I kesian sgt my aunt datang for a month, she arrived the exact day Adriana was born, therefore she tak sempat nak tgk Dublin pun..

My weight so far :-

Pre-pregnancy - 48 to 50 kgs
Final stage pregnant - 69kgs ( ive had a HUGE belly and BIG appetite )
Post Labor - 62kgs ( 7 kgs gone - Adriana was 3.54kgs , water n everything else 3.4kgs )
first 2 weeks post labor - 59kgs
Today - 56kgs
my aim at least is to go back to 50kgs by Adriana is 6 months old.

To reach my aim, the to do list -
1. to get the Premium Beauty Corset (PB), i heard they can help you to slim down so much. true? Its damn expensive too, rm2k, if its any good, then boleh beli..
2. Breastfeeding exclusively
3. Eat breakfast, Little and Late Lunch, Skip Dinner
4. Stop eating chocs, and the titbits especially the Cream Caramel.
5. Keep busy with looking after Adriana, house chores and cooking! ( erti kata -exercise )

Any other suggestion to get the pre-pregnancy body..?

This is Adriana today..


nora said...

baby, why u so cute ha?? geram jek tengok

Mrs Nageb said...

adriana sangat adorable lah sue..mcm muka ayah je :)
btw,mine was so strict as my nenek yang turut sama 'jaga' I during my confinement ni..aduii ada juga yang i tak bape nak ikut esp bab foods :)
i pun suke,nak breasfeed baby pun senang kan..:)

ajjah said...

your baby is super cuteeee

myra said...

sueeee.. i am so glad u enjoyed ur confinement! cant wait to see that cute lil face soon and of course to see u! let us know when u dah balik k? i wanna go visit or can u go out since ur confinement dah over? anyhow, definitely gonna meet u to kiss that adorable adriana!

and sue! breastfeeding mmg help. insyaAllah. I gained 31kgs and lost almost all by EXCLUSIVELY breastfeeding, didnt exercise or diet at all. : )

Mel said...

Cutenya Adriana! Macam muka your hubby. Orang tua-tua kata 'Sejuk' kalau muka anak perempuan macam muka ayahnya. Tapi u & hubby pun mmg look alike.

Tapi biasa la baby kan...mukanya sentiasa berubah-ubah...kejap macam muka ayahnya...kejap macam emaknya....:-)

About PB, I'm one of the user. So far mmg nampak perubahannya walaupun agak pricey. Tapi sangat berbaloi. Now PB is having rebate till end of Dec. I will email you more info on PB ya.

iekaz said...

hi dear.. congrats on your newborn! n she's adorable! :)

i was blog hopping n thats how i came across your blog.. n would like to share with u my experience on PB cuz m a PB user n now a PB seller cuz i was so convinced n happy with the positive results on me!

fyi, i just gave birth too.. but it was 8 months ago.. n i regretted for not buying PB immediately after i gave birth! I shud have been slimmer with the help of PB if i use it diligently right after i gave birth. But it's never too late right? N today mark my 23rd day wearing PB diligently, n i can tell u the result is amazing! N what makes me more happier is that most of my PB buyers are happy! cuz we share the same goal.. to have a bootylicious body even after being a mommy! :). And i am a mother of 3. And i noticed we have 1 thing in common, we breastfeed our baby. I am still breastfeeding my baby fully.

M wearing PB, n i still breastfeed my baby fully, no diet, n alhamdulillah.. m not that fat anymore like how i used to be. Check out my blog.. to see the new me after wearing PB :)

M selling PB at a very reasonable price. U can call me at 0126690239 or email me at

Take care dear!

xoxo to the lil adorable baby! :)

Husna said...

GYM!!!!hehehehe..sue try to look for M&S girdle,senang pakai,and comfy. Try to wear it day and night (if possible) as im doing that too(buy a few). The one yg u kate tu leceh nak pakai, but if it is really that good, why not!!! :)But breastfeeding definately help!!