Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rent - TENS machine - pain relief for Labor

What is TENS machine?

TENS is a drug free, non-invasive pain relief method that is safe to use for both mother and baby. There are no harmful side effects and as a result babies are born more awake and responsive than those whose mothers have used strong drugs for pain relief. The TENS machine emits low frequency electronic impulses through the skin to block the pain signals carried to the brain, thereby reducing pain experienced. It also encourages the brain to produce the bodies own pain killing hormones, called endorphins. TENS machines for childbirth have two currents, or modes of operation. One current is used when resting between contractions and a stronger current is used during a contraction. A hand held boost switch is pressed to change the current between resting and contraction modes.

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Since I will be coming home this January, the TENS machine will be available for rent. Based on my experience, I would really recommend this machine to help you during labor for stage 1 and 2..Interested? email me at for further info

p/s: thanks Diah for the idea, if you could promote, lagi cun! =)


dialicious said...

yeah..will do..anything they can call me or lin to rent when ur back in ire.dun forget to bring bck ye sue..tq!