Friday, May 29, 2009

Wedding Favors

Hmm..Wedding favors - I want mine to be different, unusual - and more importantly its practical not just cantik! Since my reception (the malam) will be mostly my friends (hooray!) and close i want the favors to be a bit meaningful =)

So I came up with a few ideas:-

1) CD - compilation of our favourite love songs and personalised the cover album.

2) Tasbih - yes - tasbih -I've seen wedding favors of tasbih -made from pearls, crystals beads, swarovski ( for women ) tigerseye beads (for man).. so cantik! but very pricey for my budget..

3) Kodak Moment! Single use cameras for favors - remember this tak? kamera pakai buang..
so everybody can take pictures.heee..

4) as my wedding day jatuh pada hari pertama dalam tahun 2010 - i think this is relevant - personalised diary / or table calendar for the wedding favors. =)
check this out- this company can personalised the calendars or diary which u like how it would like to be lah - so for girl sweet sweet skit. and for the guys - maybe gambar golf, foods, or scenery
google this:gettingpersonal website (the link doesn't work here)

the flower looks exactly like my profile photo kan =) that profile photo was taken on the day he proposed to me and i love the ring he gave me!

P.S: its Friday and a long holiday weekend - Monday is June bank holiday ! happy days!


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Planned to Perfection?

All we can do is planning, but a lot of 'pesanan' that we may find hiccups here and there before, during and after the wedding. I will always take that in mind, but will do my best to plan & put things together in one beautiful piece.

Here are the list that I have done so far - which I'm not so impressed ! need to get more done..

  • confirmed dates - 1st January 2010 . Nikah + bride's reception. 3rd January 2010 groom's reception.
  • confirmed venue - at first we wanted to confirm my reception at Marriot Putrajaya, but garden wedding seems so much interesting. so my reception will be at home and also his! I so want the transparent canopies + fairies lights + flower dome for the cake cutting!
  • make up artists - nikah -saidatulnisa (booked) receptions - suecantik (booked)
  • kursus kahwin - we did our kursus here, sijil dikeluarkan oleh Mara London. Hope boleh accept.
  • photographer - official fotographer is Nazim Zafri (see his work here)
  • videographer - Dinawedding (click here) montages to cry for!
  • reception dress(bride's side)-Hatta Dolmat(as suggested by the Jakel - oh so affordable)
  • reception dress (groom's side) and baju nikah- Iszal Citra
so here are list to do ( the main ones ) :-
  • i think i need a Wedding Planner - my mum is too busy at work, lil sis is too busy preparing for her A levels for medics, and I'm here too far away to get things done - I mean with all the lil' details. Please can someone recommend me a very good wedding planner (affordable)!?
  • book catering
  • find transparent canopies with fairies lights
  • find designer for songket - where do I get a nice songket? i wish it to be in silver colour.
  • kad (indonesia maybe?)
  • wedding favours
  • accesories like tiaras, pearl necklace and bracelet, and etc
  • buy barang hantarans!
  • plan for honeymoon - cruise? beach - maldives - or USA? fiance just got his US visa done last Friday.
thats all for now. the list will grow and getting into more detail.

p.s: weather was so lovely today - wish that summer will be great this year!


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cherish This Moment : 1st time blogging!


I always thought I will never write any blog in my entire life, because I think that my life is so occupied. Having a second thought of that, I always wanted to put together my thoughts in writing rather than having them lingering on my mind.

It sparks me to create this blog as I got to read some of the goods ones, other than the ones who writes about their life-daily stuff that I'm not sure who really reads them? But hey, its their rights, why should I bother.

Because I am in the amidst of researching and planning for my upcoming wedding (7 months to come) I wanted some opinions, ideas, tips from others. Especially I am so far way from my home, I think I needs it. I hope this blog will help me planning and realising the dream wedding! =).

Credits to the bloggers out there who already managed to put together their ideas in such beautiful pieces and contacts! It does help me a lot up to this stage.

Well, just bare with me readers if this blog bore you, but what I'm trying to do is to cherish and capture the beautiful moments my journey of creating this wedding and marriage, life .. and I hope to continue writing in this blog as long as time allows me to.. amin.

P.S : oh I created this blog when I should be revising - exam in 2 hours time. good luck!