Wednesday, October 21, 2009

2 bulan lagi

ahh..i hate this feeling!! betul ke nak kahwin ni!!! GILER DOUBT ok! GILER DOUBT!!!!


BuTtErFlyInFraMe said...

hang in there dear!! ye, awak mmg akan berkahwin..percayalah..very soon!! hehe..

Good luck!!

MissB said...

itu adalah penyakit orang yang dah nak kawen *at least it happened to me* but, alhamdulilah..we are happily married now :)

weDa said...

sue i pun tgh rasa macam2 ni. and we have like 43 days to go. i nak gi dublin balik sekarang boleh tak? :(

let's just pray things will turn out fine for us :)

Izrin said...

it's a normal feeling babe! Normal. It will go off nanti.. just hang in there.


Sha Pattinson said...

sama la ..jgn laa stress! dan doubt nanti i skali pon ikut doubt mcm u ..yang tenang okay!!! chill relax

sueanne sunshine said...

thanks butterflyinframe, missB, izrin, sha pattinson~

weda: oh yes please. u r more than welcome dtg balik dublin n i so want to go home. I miss home so much..i really wish to go back to malaysia =(

life is a gamble. kawin je la. what happens after that is a different story!

Jaja said...

Sue! kuatkan semangat and think positive. i always feel like that whenever we had a fight. Hope u'll be strong k.

sueanne sunshine said...

Jaja..thanks luv.