Tuesday, October 13, 2009


no handbag for hantaran for me as opposed to what has been planned before. he's all fine buying me Chanel..but if that makes any concerned people unhappy..its fine. im fine with no handbag.
as long as semua bahagia.
terima kasih.


Sha Pattinson said...

hurmm why?? hurmm but that is your day dear ..but if you decide like tha to make others happy will ..its yours .. but channel u see ...always in my dream. oh ya bole bg email tak? if your don't mind ..tq

dialicious said...

alaaa siannyaaa dia Sue..its ok dear..just buy it and dun put as hantaran.Wear it in front of the concern-unhappy-jealous person after the wedding.heheheh

Anonymous said...

I agreed with Diah...:-)

princess.dHani said...

beli lah.. its your wedding.. and if your FH has agreed to buy them for you, amikla.. dah orang nak kasi kannnn~~~ hehe

Dina said...

ada apa dgn Chanel Sue?? hehe

Anonymous said...

its ur day.. it suppose to be YOUR happiness that what matters

angelX said...

takpe, long term planning. nak kawin ni mmg banyak kisah. (cheh mcm byk experience je..) hahaha.

anyway, chanel or not. long term kan.
lepas kawin boleh beli 1000000 chanel

sueanne sunshine said...

thanks all of you..muahs..muahs..i was so bitter at first.. but now i think im alright.. no point of thinking n dwelling too much on this. agreed with u aziati..long term planning..!! nanti beli 100000 chanel lepas kawin.muahaha.. =) kidding!

i really wish menjadi la nikah ni, thats the utmost important..