Monday, October 5, 2009

A week gone by...

So it has been a week + 1 day. getting pretty tired.. but can't give up..!

day 5:
in the morning, drove to Shah Alam to see Rumah Kebaya, to sewa baju for the 4th day kenduri..kena save sikit! Kak Siti Nur is very sweet! after that..went to see the tailor who got my kain, so after a few phone calls and directions to meet up, Alhamdullilah, dah dapat the kain. I'm so pleased that the kain dah safely in my hand. huh..byk betul drama with the kain.

in the afternoon, as scheduled, went to see the videographer and photographer. As they were my previous video,photographer for my engagement, the discussion for the 3 wedding events was smooth, Alhamdullilah..they knew exactly what I I really hope it will turn out well too.

Sebaik sahaja lepas discussion with them, tokey kedai card invitation I went on day2 stepped into the studio, rezeki saya kot dpt met with her. We planned to meet at her card shop tomorrow.

Malam - dinner and spent time with family in law to be. A lot of things was discussed. hee...

day 6:

in the morning, as planned with the tokey kedai card, went to the card shop, I was delighted as we got a really good price. She was really helpful and sangat baik, she even will provide the free buntings! cool ey. So the cards prices was finalised, but I want my parents to see them first before putting deposit.

Ran to jln bukit bintang to see flower decorator. The girl that I spoke with has a lot of brilliant ideas, I'm still waiting for the quotation though..if the price is right..I might want to go ahead with them..ahh fingers crossed the price is within my budget! takut nya tgk price now ni...!!

still having problems with roads in KL, my direction sense tak boleh pakai - always salah jalan and struggling with traffic jam. =( this actually made my kerja lagi stressful and tiring, and of course..time consuming..for the last few days, I forgot to eat, if teringat pun, take away, makan dalam kereta while melayan jammed on the road.

so I decided to take time off dari wedding stuff- malam, lepak with my 2 besties from my boarding skool dulu, dinner at Tony Romas in Pavillion, at last dpt makan steak.. lama dah tak makan steak, tak halal kat dublin..and went to fish spa kat level 6 kat pavillion tu, that was my first time , leg dipping dalam kolam ikan. oh I know, saya sungguh ketinggalan zaman..sorry!

day 7: morning-bawa my parents to see invitation card that I choose. they like it. dah finalised and paid the deposit. invitation card solved. yippie!

So I was supposed to meet Syomir at 12 o'clock, so I drove from Bangi and was stuck in the jam. Bangi to Syomir's boutique for 3 hours. patutnya dlm 45mins je..i can only mengelengkan kepala..! the plan was for me and Syomir to pilih kain in Jakel. tapi dah lambat like that..tak postponed esok to Jakel, but since dah berjamjam dlm kereta, I insist nak jumpa jugak Syomir..

as soon I arrived Syomir's place..masuk boutique..Syomir tgh attend another client..but she was so familiar - walla..she is whitelacetale! wow..kan..never thought boleh we r so excited terus exchange stories, Syomir pun heran how we could be exchanging stories..walaupun first time jumpa. pleased to meet you WLT...

from jlm bukit keramat, ran to PJ, dah janji with parents nak gi usha furniture for my room. my room my mum left it kosong for me to decorate, so after few a options, I decided the theme will be english - colour - brown, silver, putih..erk, i know agak pelik the combination, takpelah..we will see how it turn up. Sue just want to avoid pink lagi this time.. so furniture room dah solved. I'm suprised it was that easy to make my mind on those furniture..i think at this stage..i can't be too fussy!

Lari lagi to Putrajaya, scheduled to meet up with the initial decorator, he wanted to show me his work -I jadi wedding crasher, masuk the dewan seri endon, tapi tgk from the second floor. hmm.. the pelamin was really nice - theme english something like in garden. When thinking about this balik, Sue tak rasa Sue sempat nak cari other deco..i think i just stick to this one...

Malam - supposed balik rumah terus, planned nak stay KL plaza with papa and mama, but I fickled minded nk g open house my friend ke nak balik..then i said to my mum..i missed my friends sgt, i really need to see them. So my parents said go ahead, so I went..but at the same time rasa guilty. So beropen house la sue that night..catched up with frens..!

day 7: As sue dah took my time last night, I said to my parents, I ikut je wherever they want to go today. We went Jakel with Syomir, I ended up buying kain for everyone for my family. Tapi rasa satisfied. My mum also wants to jahit with Syomir..~ then after Jakel went back to Syomir's boutique, measure up my mum.. then went beraya with our old neighbour in Subang Jaya. sgt missed Subang ok =(. After open house, went to SSF for curtains. So for curtain - solved too. Happi!!

day 8: It has been a week non-stop about wedding its time to relax sikit. Tengahari tu kejap jumpa aunty Norizzann Bakers for pulutkuning for nikah, miniature for hantaran, and wedding cake for reception...saya inspired by cakes for Diah's wedding! =)

went to Bangar village - booked appointment at Hammam, inspired by Diah too =) thanks Diah.
lepas tu buat threading kat Jalan telawi tu- eyebrows only for rm5. murah giler and cepat sgt!

Alang-alang near bangsar, teringat Florastika. dekat the NewStraitTimes building saja. Went there..the fresh flowers sgt affordable. There are so many Phaleonopsis and also Hydrageas..! sgt suka!

Went to Ikea - makan meatballs. rindu, cuz the one in dublin tak leh makan., tak halal..ada lah buat sendiri swedish meatballs..but guess tak sama..hehe..
So malam, went for the Hammam. Was really relieved..and fresh. terbaik la sbrub and the massage! recommended..!

Another 4 days left for me... Still a lot of things to do..especially the detailed part like carik coordinator for reception!!


Sha Pattinson said...

wallah ..sangat busy yah ..and lucky to bole jumpa miss WLT ..mesti best ..where exactly syomir punya boutique yah ..?? and from your entry i can see comintment you with your preparation wedding ..i juga yg tak wat aper2 lagi aduh pening kepala ..skang jakel buat sale juga ke??

Sha Pattinson said...

lupa plak ..puan sitinur memang baik hati kan ..i pernah jumpa konon nak sewa baju last takde size hehehe ...bukan rezeki kot ...dan sewa darinya amatla berbaloi ..!!

Jaja said...

sueeeeeeee!! jaja here from beseri laa! baru jumpe ur blog tauu!! jgn lupe jemput for ur wedding ok! u must be super bz kan sekarang. i'm preparing for my wedding as feb! suee.....miss u la girl!! :(

Gud luck for ur wedding prep ok! :)

dialicious said...

Good to hear all the arrangements went smooth.Best kan hammam..i wanna go again but mahalllaaa..huhuhu

sueanne sunshine said...

sha pattinson: the boutique is in Gurney's apartment in Jalan Datuk Keramat, if you lalu Jalan Ampang, opposite Great Eastern Mall ada T junction, it will bring you to Jalan Datuk Keramat, follow the sign you will reach Syomir..

Jaja: Jajaaaaaaaaaaa!! gosh, mana you menghilang..?miss you tau. can i get your number dear? add la facebook please..? anyway congratss..!

Diah: yes, Hammam best giler..a ah a bit pricey, but look out for promotion - hati tu ramadhan promo everything reduced by rm100. best kan..thanks for the tips. amatlah berbaloi..hehe

Jaja said... number: 012-2144373. pls gimme a call next time ur in kl! :)

sueanne sunshine said...