Sunday, October 11, 2009

2 weeks up ... back to reality..

so here I am back in my place n Dublin after 2 weeks in Malaysia. up and down, & yes sideways, happy, hopeful, fickled minded, tears, excited..everything in 2 weeks. wow. what an experienced.

at this stage, dah tak take note what happened after day 8, but here are the highlights:-

blind date with dear blogger - Diahlicious at Pavillion. ah shes so sweet..sgt lembut ok.. we've been emailing like everyday since start Ramadhan, I approached her with all the wedding questions, sgt baik to give all her opinions and share her tips. her wedding sgt gorgeous ok!! and when I was in KL, I woke up sgt early everyday as my fiance akan call like 6 am due to time by 8 o'clock dah telefon Diah before she starts working..sorry Diah!! hehe..thank u lah melayan i hehe..So we met at La Bodega, looking fresh n pretty even tho dah kerja satu hari, she brought me kueh raya tart nenas and chewy cream puff yang sgt sedap - makanan malaysia she said =) sgt sedap ok!thanks for making your time to meet up!

hen's night + slumber party - theme Baju tido =)
venue: Farhana gorgeous crib in Subang
date: 9th October 2009, Friday night
Thank you for everyone involved and efforts. Im so impressed with the deco, foods and lovely doorgift. absolutely this sweet memories will be cherished forever..

after the hen night, kena balik rumah because promised mama to sleep on my own new bed which she arranged for them to sampai before i went back even at least for one night ( thank you mama - the mattress is mama's gift ) - slept for an hour , finalised packing, off to airport. =( sedih sgt..not enough time spent with mama..

Malaysia, i'll see you in 2 months time...


bitsANDpieces said...

Oh girlfriend, u hv nice ppl around u.

Sha Pattinson said...

wahh sweet ..u balik malaysia penuh makna kan jumpa new frens ..your babes buat party hen utk u sweet..dan juga dapat new bed ...this is sweet too ..and your new bed sangat la cantik...

Qis said...

babe! wow!! your girlfriends rock!

p.s. love the floating pink & white balloons (i'll have that for my wedding! oh it look so lovely!!!)...

p.p.s i've always love white, classic bedroom set too! nice!!!

weDa said...

sue, that bed is gorgeous! :D

dialicious said...

ala..termalu la.muka i mcm nak senyum ke tanak senyum x sure..hhhehe
It was nice meeting u sue!
oh..the hen party looking all pink n cute..sue comel mcm bdk2 time tu.hehehe..and the white bed..hmmm..sgt cun!!!

angelX said...

alamak blind date dgn diah.. hehehe so comel!!!! hehehehe. patut i stalker korang. helo diah :P

sueanne sunshine said...

bitsnpieces: yes and im so very much thankful to that.

sha pattinson: yes..sgt penuh makna trip sue balik ni. thanks by the way. teruja tak sempat indulge in makan je this time. bila tgk balik trip the previous time, rasa rugi sgt sgt tak makan =( .

Qis: yes i know. they r cool, they r sweet.. my angels semua =)
pink n white balloons are way to go! go Qis.
bedroom? =) thank u. i like it too..yeay~!

weda: thanks Weda!!

Diah: heyya sweets. thanks for ya time ya. nice meeting u!! hope dpt jumpa again next time. my big day =)..

Angelx: aziati gorgeous. u nak stalk kiterorang...patut u join blind date kiterorang..hehehe!