Thursday, August 12, 2010

1st day Ramadhan

so hows your 1st day Ramadhan? mine.. I only lasted until half day! I am still on recovering condition and still on sick leave n tak pergi kerja, i think I am not yet ready - for my condition n baby to puasa. I will insyaAllah, I'll take it longer n longer everyday try not to eat. Nanti dpt lah puasa =).

second concrete reason is Dublin puasa time, sahur habis pukul 4am and buka 9.07 pm, which actually 5 hours longer than normal puasa time in M'sia. Ive asked around, semua pun dah lembik by 7pm then ada another 2 hours to go. Takpe la..lagi nikmat masa berpuasa..challenging skit..

we actually already planned nak balik ramadhan next year. this year is our 7th ramadhan in Dublin, rasanya lama sgt tak pergi Pasar Ramadhan, dgr Masjid buat terawikh.. i miss it all. =(

since we do not have Pasar Ramadhan n semua org post kat FB mknan semua best best n fancy, we can only ber-pasar ramadhan Dublin style which beli all the biscuits,cakes, desserts kat Marks n Spenser. tah apa apa kan..i kesian kat my hubby he loves all the kueh malaysia. I actually made some popia yesterday for him. and we just bought nasik ayam madu from our fren ( sue still cannot walk properly n easily got tired hence tak lepas nk masak full ), so Sue masak sayur n thats all for our buka.

eventho it was so simple,I am thankful that I can share it with my hubby, especially he likes my popia. Yeay. i will make some apam balik, roti jala, sardine rolls. hmm, bila la i nak pandai buat tepung pelita..


when the gaze of my eyes meets yours said...

hai dear..
those makanan u've posted looks great..
jangan seday2..nnt balik malaysia boleh la balas dendam yer..=)

Lea Shmea said...

tepung pelita! fuh mcm susah kan? but i'm sure u can do it. :)

iedayah said...

ai..blogwalking..=p..salam kenal..lmbt gk ea wktu berbuka kt sn..pose jd lm..

Izrin said...

Hi, Sue.. yea.. the pose hours are vr long over thr.. but what u can do is... tido lah sampai prolly half a day.. hehe then maybe tak rasa sgt kot.. i hope u're getting well.. tak payah pose if mengancam the baby.. jz take care of ur self.
come la blk msia!!! :) for good.. it's always the best place to live in..haha (no kidding!)

sueanne sunshine said...

izrin! sue miss uu...cannot sabar to balik malaysia please....